Wednesday, April 7, 2010

PaD - Mei @ Pasar Malam

It's about my mei again - she is plainly beautiful - perfect as my subject matter.

I really love things to be blurred.

Same grandparents.
Same parents.
Same genes.
How can she be so beautiful while I...

K just don't mention it.

So we went to pasar malam.

It's fortunate that I stay at Connaught, the considerably most happening area in Cheras.

Every Wednesday, thousand of homosapiens would head to this area,
bearing the risk of being fined for foul parking,
just to squeeze with another thousand of homosapiens here.

Night market, attractive, literally.

As for me, I could reach there within 500 steps.
Don't wow with the 500 steps,
really, it doesn't mean anything if you were to count it.
By the time you finish the whole song of mary had a little lamb,
you would have been in the crowd already.

Anyway, speaking of pasar malam,
we would never go home with empty hands.

Let's see what we have hunted this round.

Glow in the dark memo pad. =D
It's a gift for her boyfriend.
(and she is considering keeping it for herself.
Thanks to the pictures I have taken for blogging purpose)

Nah. Lifting the mystery veil of the floating glow in the dark memo pad.

Lights on. And off. (very duh right?)

You just need highlighters (the colorful the better~).
Seriously I'm not a really artistic person,
I have various colors of highlighters,
but those are just for my notes - not to produce arts.

So. Yeap. No example.

Thinking that it's not sufficient,
I convinced her to buy these so called 'couple fruit tea'.
Isn't it sweet to enjoy it together?
Aiyerrrrrr so sweeeeeeet.
(Chung Shang Hui pompuan yang berumur 23 bolehkah anda stop being cheesy?)

By the way, my mei will be going back to Sabah tomorrow.
I will be left alone again =(

Oh. Maybe not.
I have my books with me.

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