Wednesday, April 21, 2010

PaD - Hermit Crab

I wish I could provide a real picture of a hermit crab's,
that would indicate that I'm somewhere near the beach or so.

Sigh. (a long one)
By that I mean I am grounding myself.
Wow I am such a disciplined person -
usually it was the parents who ground their children and I am exercising my parent's duty on myself.
I am amazing.

Alright, stop the self-admiration and back to the topic.

Yes you would see me online quite often,
it could up till 8 hours per day or so,
then you might think that,
this girl, who has no life, is here again...

Through my defence, whenever you see me online, I am studying.
Otherwise, I would be out there loitering around.

Yea you hear me right I'm a nerd that way.

Damn canggih leh being an external student of University of London,
you get to have this 'Virtual Learning Environment',
where you get to study online.
Yes la when mentioning 'good study environment' people would usually link to big fields, trees, sunlight, lakeside or the most basic one, the library.
But us... a virtual one.

Then again...
Is this available in your college????
No leh.
My college is hence better than yours nah nah nah nah nah.

*switch to normal mode*
I really have no idea what else could I update for the upcoming days as I will be doing the same thing everyday - until mid June.

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