Friday, November 28, 2008

Ilustrate Potong Steam II

Was waiting for those Music Club late comers.
(Malaysian timing ma. Well)
While reading the text book of Law of Trusts.

Saw his name -which is same with one of the judges who gave some not so impreative views.
Potong steam.

Was syok syok studying okay?
(hello? Am I okay? studying Law of Trusts in syokness?)
It's very rare for me to study in the morning okay?

Total failure of concentration.
100% distracted.
Why must my crush's name same as that of the judge's??
Blame.. Erm.. Well..
No one I can really blame for me being out of focus.
Blame myself then.
Okay. Shall back to Law of Trusts now.

(by the way I haven't seen my name on any textbook yet)

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