Saturday, November 8, 2008

Crazy fat girl called Shang Hui

Title was inspired by the stage play I've watched today: Crazy little thing called love

Note: You'll find all the following pictures are so lovey-dovey that there is at least 1 thing in the picture is related to this love thingy.

Me and Joansisterinlawna (lovey-dovey point 1: oh she's so in love with my brother) plus Audrey
Can spot the lovey dovey thingy?? The purple + blue wired heart~!!! (lovey dovey point 2) The really lovely birthday present from my dearest sister.

Nah me. Wearing dress with heart-shaped pattern (lovey dovey point 1) + there were pictures drawn (by kids, I guess) with heart-shaped background (lovey dovey point 2). AND! I put heart shapes all around to let you feel that love is in the air. No feel? Okay.

(self-daydream)Oh so lovely. Love is in the air~♥

Okay review of the stage play.
In those two hours, I laughed, and I cried. The description of the mixture of feelings has gone beyond words (well the truth is I don't know how to describe because I am short of vocabularies and I am not good in describing plus I have poor command of English. Thank you.)

In short, GOOD. Enough said.
(what kind of stupid review is that duh....)

Okay would like to insert a song here. My all time favourite. I spend you Oreo Mudpie if you know what song is that wakaka. But for sure you won't know cause it's an *kinda* old song.
[oh love's in the air, it's everywhere.
everyone can see, everyone can feel;
that love's in the air, it doesn't matter where,
everyone agrees, love is all we need.]

Oh btw (note the arrowed guy),

Picture courtesy of KLPAC (link above)
Wakaka. Cute. Isn't he?

In the evening, I went out with April. Okay nothing to do with lovey dovey anymore. Just some girls' night out.
(haiz feeling so guilty now because I didn't study at all. haiz I'm such a nerd. haiz.)

Sneak preview:
Crazy little bitches called Cheryl and April

Will post up more pictures in the next entry. When I say more, I mean it.
Meanwhile, visit April's blog.

Sigh. Play play play(pun intended tq). I have 2 assignments in hand and I haven't started to study yet.
I'm so scared when my fellow classmates answered the lecturers' question which I have no knowledge at all (kiasu). I still have 2 major assignments in hand which would probably take me days to complete because I have no foundation in those two subjects.

Sigh.I wanna get married by now. I don't wanna study anymore.
I wanna get married to a rich man so that I can watch stage plays and performances all day and night long.

(okay obviously I don't mean it. If you know me well enough, you should know that I won't put full reliance on a guy. That's very unsecured)

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