Thursday, November 13, 2008

Law Asia Conference Day 1

*kinda*continued from this post <-- those pictures were taken on the 3rd day

So thanks to Daniel Bong Cheng Hua, I've got the opportunity to participant the Law Asia Conference - as a volunteer. Muakaka. No regrets I tell you~

By the way, I looked crappy in most of the pictures because I've gained weight hence my face was super round and my body was fat and I have pinned my fringe and I was wearing braces and I didn't have my eyebrows properly drawn because I was too rush in that morning yadda yadda yadda .
Doesn't matter lar that is still me anyway.

Daytime was boring. Nothing much to do.
The scope of our job is pathetically narrow - to usher the delegates, who didn't really need to be ushered anyway.

Alright. Anyway.
Anson and me - not sure why the grab

Sathiya and Anson

Me and Sathiya

Navin and me

See I told you. Nothing much to talk about.
It is not that we were not allowed to take pictures while ushering.
Not really appropriate to do so though.

(p/s: my newly bought court shoes were killing me.
Thanks to Sathiya's plasters.
My legs wouldn't have survived until nighttime without her plasters)

Walala. Skip forward.

Night time.
Before going off to somewhere.
(where la? ish.)

Guess we are heading to?
Yealar, DINNER. Yes yes yes you are right.Be more precise lar.
Guess what?

*drum roll*

Carcosa Seri Negara~!!!

Ahem. Sorry. Please bear with my uluness.
I really have not been to any resident-general's place before.
Sir Frank Swettenham used to reside in this so-called 'King's House' leh~~~~~
Not sure if I still have the chance to go to this place,
hence, pictures, pictures and pictures.
(well I won't mind if my future hubby wanna have our wedding dinner here)

Cheers - for we have got the chance to enter Carcosa.
(no la they never meant so. They are not as ulu as I am)

Well that's not all okay...
This was our.. erm.. 5th? or 6th? round.

'Eat eat eat. No wonder you are so fat la.' Yes I truly appreciate that. Thank you.

My plate was full of food if you haven't realised yet. Nyahaha. Free food.
Unlimited murtabak, prawn fritters, fried eggs, (die.. what else... short term memory lost ishhhh), etc.etc.
Everyone has stopped eating. Alright you can see that the greedy me was still holding that bowl of ice kacang.
Nah stopped eating. Okay?
(actually my plate of meehoon was placed somewhere else, nyahaha)

Oklay sorry lar Rachel. was blocking. Btw the specky guy was the organising chairman of the conference.

With Edmund Bon Tai Soon the human rights lawyer.
The girls were of opinion that he is cute.. well.. it's subjective.
Lalala I accidentally taken a self-potrait picture with him - I just grabbed him along when he passed by. I didn't even know that he is this Edmund Bon. Laalalalala.
*what so bangga about duiz....*
I truly understand that I looked crappy here. But...they said.. 'act cute...' *innocent*
Alright. This is not cute. Thank you.
Last but not least...
Can't really see our faces though.End of day 1.
Wonderful. =)
Because there are free food~

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