Monday, November 10, 2008


[I opened my eyes, realised that my phone was still lying in my hand - silently.
That anticipation for that call, so similar yet so different.
The similarity was that I was still anticipating, as how I would have done last time.
It's been so long since the feel of anticipation arised.
The difference, well, yea, the status is different now.
He is no longer under the obligation to make the call.
I lose the right to spam him SMSes or call him in the next morning for the failure to call.]

Alright, the above written statement is false.
It is just something which I have structured in my mind while waiting for his call.
Well, I wasn't really waiting - I was merely holding my phone when I tried to sleep.

Unfortunately, the caffeine in the nescafe and the uncle-coffee was still working.source
Not your ordinary Old Town coffee. The original uncle-type-coffee.

I have gotten myself ready to sleep at exactly 1.11a.m.,
my eyes were tired and were still swollen from that 1 hour crying (didn't I tell you that the stage play was touching?),
I feel drowsy from the flu,
but no... I couldn't sleep at all.
Caffeine, my best friend, yet the worst enemy.
I have purchased my consciousness and concentrations during the lectures with my sleeping time.
Sigh. Another insomniac night.

Guess what, it seemed that my guardian angel understood my status,
It send me someone to spend my sleepless night with.
In this case, I mean Arthur, my ex.
Well, I approached him on MSN when I saw him online (which is rare rare rare),
and he *kinda* promised to call.
Yeap, hence the anticipation thingy I have mentioned earlier.

We talked for some good 3 hours, until morning. Sun rises earlier in KK than it is in KL, so he saw the sun before I did. It was still dark in KL anyway.
Most of the time, he was talking.
I shall conclude that he is a really good storyteller.
I've got to know something which are from his world, a different type of world, the dark side, I should say.
I guess I am a really well-protected geek who does not really know the world well.
His life is so dramatic - fights, debts, drugs, sex partners, lockup, etc.etc.
[disclaimer: He does not get involved. He is just telling the stories which happened to our mutual friends in his world]
As contrast to those in my world : books, stage plays, piano, laptops and the virtual world.
@.@ Nerd + geek.
Such a big big big big gap.

A person who had been in a relationship with me for some good 3 years,
now, have gotten the chance to be himself again.
We did make a right choice.
It is much better to be friends =)

p/s: The anticipation of call shall not be equated to 'me still having feeling for him'.
I anticipated any promised calls, even if the promise is made by an ordinary friend.

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