Saturday, November 15, 2008

Seriously, where are you my guardian angel?

~~~UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE!!!!! *few minutes after posting this entry*
My kawan yang terterterterterterterterbest messaged me on MSN~!!!
I'm *kinda* happy now~~
Ooowh my guardian angel is still with me~
STILL feeling down. Since this day.
I did feel good after drinking honeydew + cincau on Wednesday.
I did feel good after listening to Jason Mraz's on Wednesday.
But that was just on Wednesday.
I started to feel bad again on Thursday, and Friday.
I've tried mixing around with people.
Listening to gossips and jokes didn't really make me feel better though.
I've tried listening to Jason Mraz's. That song, lucky, to be precise.
That lively song didn't seem to work for me tonight.
I've tried playing piano.
It made me feel like crying. Wise decision to have stopped.
I've tried letting it out - by writing it down, which I'm doing now.
No. This is, indeed, useless. I'm still feeling crappy.
I wanted to try talking on phone.
I browsed through the phone list.
No. I don't feel like disturbing any of them.
Maybe I should try sleeping.
Btw, listening to Emi Fujita's made me feel sad.
I'm blaming PMS *again* for this. Whoa that's a long one.