Sunday, November 16, 2008

My favourite man

To begin with, I quote Randy:
'cheap cadbury chocolate no point weh

and some more sendiri beli of course no effect lar..

aiyah.. find some knight in shining armour buy you
ferrero rocher or belgium chocs la...'

The whole story began with my crappy mood.
These few days, I've been very welcome-to-my-life-ish - for no reason.

Hence, I bought a bar of Cadbury's for therapy purpose.
So yea, that was what Randy told me when he got to know this.

Hmm... No wonder that I still felt welcome-to-my-life-ish after devouring half bar of chocolate.

Guess what?
He saw it.
He got to know that I sendiri beli Cadbury,
and he got me this~ ^^
Happy me with eyes smiling~

I'm not sure about the price,
but I don't care as long as someone bought it for me~

Okay okay another story.

This morning, I went to eat dim sum with him.
He saw me buying Nescafe.
(Haiyah I'm addicted to it - it's a must for me on Sunday classes.)

When I opened the fridge to get the pathetic Cadbury which have bought earlier,
I saw this~ ^^

Alright, by now you should know that who he is.

Well, I mean, who can be so freely entering my house and so freely open the fridge and refill the fridge with all sorts of stuff?

Well, it's his house, of course he can~!!!

As sum,
Nescafe + Donno-what-brand-and-I-Don't-really-care-as-long-as-someone-bought-it-for-me Chocolate + self bought half eaten Cadbury

I'm my daddy's girl~
I want my children's daddy to be like him too!!!!

(p/s: the relationship status in facebook is a prank.
It's not true that I'm in a relationship.
It is just a mutual agreement between me and April because we've got nothing better to do.

1 comment:

Randy said...

when i read the article, it sounded like i was the one who bought the chocs.. swt!

I want some!!!
Especially the pistachio one..