Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Having risen at 6.30a.m. to have my assignment done, I have successfully brought my last-minuteness to a new level~!!!

Congratulations~!!!!! *confetti thrown in the air*

Well, normally I would burn midnight oil in order to complete everything. It shall be 9 or 10 hours before class when I have it done. Now~!! I will be having class in about 3 hours~!! Hooiyoh~!!!

So I slept at 10.30p.m. (Whoaaaa....) because my eyes were swollen from well-you-know-why + I slept not more than 5 hours on the previous night (morning?) - well you know why.

Guess what? 30 minutes upon falling asleep, someone called, asked me out for Oreo Mudpie~!!!
(see I told you so, I am well protected by my guardian angel. It knows what I want)

Okay okay. That's not all. The person who called me up, is.. is.. is..
MY CRUSH~!!!!!!!!
(eh people don't luan luan guess okay. Those who know who my crush was/is, it might still be him, it might not be him.)

Happy or not??

You know what's the best thing???????

I rejected.


I started to be conscious upon the blurry rejection. I was like.. 'Huh? What have I done? I picked sleeping over Oreo Mudpie + crush?'


Well it is indeed, a right choice. I am wise. I haven't done my assignment yet and I have to do it. I was am sick and in serious need to catch some rest. Whoa I am rational even in those half-conscious situation.


Shall back to my assignment now.

Have a good day ahead people~!!!! Lurve ya~!!!


Ervin said...

Good morning!! =)

Cheryl a.k.a. Shang Hui said...

Good evening!!
Ervin Ling... are you????