Monday, November 3, 2008


Wow my life is so dramatic... so many things happened in one day.. wow wow wow...~
(what a drama queen... -.-)

1. Happy Birthday, Anson~~ + first outing with college mates

Yes, it was our first outing, after knowing each other for freaking one year. -.-

Yeap happy birthday~~

The chocolate milk joke. Haha our very own lame joke. Not forgetting PP and kukusotong too.

Audrey the Sabahan. Lalala you won't understand unless you are from the east too..
Lalala I understand because I stayed there for 2 years. Lalala~~

And you know what? I really think I have a guardian angel who always stand by me!
Last night I had an unusual craze for ice-cream and cake (partially because am having sore throat) , and today I got to eat both!! This is so creepy yet so sweet~!!!

Dear Angel, I know that you are there~ *look up, smile*
thank you for everything~
I truly appreciate it~~~ ^^

2. Bumped into Sek Sao!!!
Do not tell me you don't know who is Sek Sao.
If you have watched enough TVB soaps, you would know him.
Yea according to Mei Yi, the uncle celebrity. Na.

Okay enough of uncle's pictures.
Now picture of me and uncle.
3. Parking ticket lost T.T
I was conscious when I put the parking ticket into the handbag. I swear.
How nice if that was the ending of the story.

NOO!!! I searched through the whole bag, and I couldn't find that. It disappeared for no reason. T.T

I went to the information counter, asked if anyone has found any ticket and passed it to her. She took out a parking ticket and asked me to proceed to the Car Park Office instead of the autopay machine.

I was so delighted I ignored what she asked me to do and tried to pay at the autopay machine. And guess what?

-.- walao.

I thought that there was something wrong with the machine and I told the person who was going to pay after me, 'nah you see la, yours also will be a thousand bucks.'

But it turned out to be RM5.00. Well, apparently, it's my problem.
Purposely went back to the machine again to take picture of 3-digit-parking rate.

Sigh, I then proceeded to the Car Park Office and the guy took my ticket without asking anything and voila! I only have to pay for rm7, instead of RM35 for the lost ticket. I asked him if anyone get fined for RM35 for the lost ticket, he said nay, everyone does that when they lost their tickets.

Ceh I thought I was special. -.-

4. Jazz Concert

I guess the last time I step into the Philharmonic Hall is 4 years ago. Wow that was really long.

I've made a wise step. I picked this jazz concert by Unit Asia over another performance by a jazz singer when Jonathan asked me about it and man it was really fantastic! Two hours just woooosh, gone.

I was so afraid that I would fall asleep because I have just slept for 4 hours.
But nooooo... the whole performance was just so breathtaking and you couldn't really 'sit back, relax and enjoy the show' because it was so ecstatically enjoyable!!

5. I thought that my car was stolen
When I was happily asking my crush if the jazz concert he went was the one I went (okay la I just want to listen to his voice I admit), I realised that I couldn't locate my car.
I remembered vividly that I parked at my car at 4a. I even took a picture of it so that I wouldn't forget about it.
See!! 4A!!

But but.. the car wasn't there. T.T

I activated the alarm but I could hear nothing. I heard someone else's alarm been activated too and I frustratingly hoped that that person could locate his/her car as soon as possible so that I can hear my alarm. It was just so distracting ish.
But nooooo... it seemed like that person also has failed to locate his/her car.

Guess what?

It was my alarm. -.-

And guess what? I parked my car at basement 3, instead of basement 2 which I'd been searching thoroughly of.

6. I've received the parcel from U. of London!!
Which means.. I am be able to study now~!!
which means.. I really shall start studying now....

7. I did the assignment but it disappeared

Which means I have to redo it.
Sigh. Why is my life full of ups and downs.....


Da Devil said...

bwahaha.....u always loss ur ticket de....nex time let some1 else hold it for u or u keep it inside ur wallet lar...lolz...

Cheryl a.k.a. Shang Hui said...

[da devil] the thing is.. I remember that I put it into my handbag nieh....

aLiya said...

JAZZZZ!!!! i wantttt!! i hate you!! *hmph*

Cheryl a.k.a. Shang Hui said...

[aliya] not available in Aussie??
That's strange lehhh.....