Thursday, November 6, 2008


Even in my own room. [emptiness, as my friend said.]
[presence of the absence or absence of the presence? think about it.]

I miss her...She is my sister. (well that's quite obvious)
Her name is Shang Leng.
I call her Leng Girl. I'm not sure when will I remove the 'girl'.
Perhaps I will call her Leng Girl until I reach the age of 80 and she will be 75 by then.

I need and I do have more pictures but they are not stored in this lappie. Aiks.

Alright. The last one. Taken in year 2005.Okay I won't complain about how fat I am now. (oh so cute) After all it is so obvious that I was much fatter by then.

Will write another post for my dearest mei mei on her birthday~ ^^

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