Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Recently, I fall *hopelessly* for a guy.

He is someone whom I have met for not more than 5 times.
I don't even know his name, his age, yadda yadda when I FEEL like I like him.

And a friend describe my feeling for him as infatuation.Infatuation. Definitely. (source here)

I don't believe in love at first sight.

Anyway, before him, I've infatuated over 38785 guys. So this isn't really a big deal. Haha.

Before I get to know this word, I describe it as 'temporary feeling'. (yayaya, my vocab is limited). So if you have the chance to read my diary, you will bump into countless 'temporary feeling' in those pages. Those were those high school days anyway.

Now I'm 21. I'm still infatuating someone.

Sigh. Why am I still so high-schooled? Yea. I won't mind if you say me childish.

Oh btw, will let you guys know when my infatuation over him ends. Soon. Maybe the day after tomorrow.

p/s: Oh!!! That's the song by Maroon 5!! I never know infatuation is the name!!!

*update (12 hours after the entry): this is just not so right. Shall stop the feeling from flowing further~ Muahaha~*