Sunday, August 24, 2008

I am happy... again

*update: so there were some people who wished me happy birthday after i published this post.
I really appreciate it. Thank you. =)
But my birthday doesn't fall on 24th haha
It was a very very early celebration*

Happy, not happy, happy, not happy.

I'm so emotional la aiyak.

Now I am happy. You see, I have used to compare myself to the others.
Haih I wish I were her.
Haih how come she can do this while I can't.
Haih how come she is so lovable.
Haih.. this and that. Yadda yadda yadda. Never satisfied.

Now I realise that I really do not need to compare. Being me is good enough.

At least there are people who aware of my existence. They still remember me~!!

Look, this is my aunty and her family. They brought two pizzas and a tiramisu (which is one of my favourite) to celebrate my birthday!
See, my cousins were forced to sing birthday song. They have to because mommy said no song, no pizza. Ngek ngek ngek.Food food and food. Those were cheesetarts and eggtarts baked by my grandma.
Nah my lovely grandma.. and my aunt.
Awww..... This is so sweet you see... I have never expected that they were coming over to celebrate my birthday when she called me today. She just told me that she was gonna visit us and asked me if I would be at home.

*sniff* they remember that when I'm really not too close to them...

That's not all. My neighbour came over and asked me if I wanna join them for watching Malaysia International Firework Competition. Again, they still remember me~!! It was their family gathering kind of thing and they asked me to join them~ (actually last year they did ask me to join them and it was when I fall for firework performance.)

Nah. The view from my seat.
Wooi. Windy. *take out camera fast and takes picture*
*sniff* why is everyone treating me so good?

I suddenly feel so glad to be myself. =) Thank you everyone~~ Thank you~~

*the blog has became more like a personal diary. =.= nothing better to do. that's why*


aLiya said...

FIreworks....!! 2 years continously, i missed it!

btw, i think its still abit early for me to wish you happy birthday. XP

Cherylmeryl said...

[aliya] mmm yea, it's early.
Congratz of being the 2nd one~

Nigelais said...

Happy Birthday.


Cheryl a.k.a. Shang Hui said...

[nigelais] still early~ ^^