Sunday, August 31, 2008

The very first time I feel that I need a guy

Or guys. Badly.

I used to be very independent. Currently there is no man staying with us. Us as in my grandma, my aunt and me. Yeap, there are only 3 ladies in the house.

Basically, I have to do most of the man's stuff. Aiya whatever man's stuff you can think about la. Like, changing the bulbs. What else? There isn't much stuff which categorised as man's stuff anyway.

Too bad I'm an idiot when it comes to this.=.=
No. I suck when it comes to scientific stuff. I'm sure that this has something to do with physics and chemistry.

And... everything is black in color. -_______-

So this was what happened. It was raining like shit (I prefer shit than cats and dogs, can or not?) when I was on the way to church. I even forgotten that I turned on the headlight when I got off from my car, hence, I didn't turn it off la. Hmm I shouldn't be blamed lor, blame the dashboard instead. It doesn't look as if I have turned on the light. And blame those auto sensor system. If I don't turn the headlight off when I get off, the system of my Wira will toss me a reminder - a very high pitch 'deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee' sound. But this car, no, nothing, didn't inform me at all.

Well, the battery ran dead. Aiyerrrrrrr.

Yea. So that was the very first time I feel that I need a guy. Or guys. Or a guy with a car.

So I went to approach those churchmates, Jason, Marcus, John, Seh Weng and a guy (don't know his name) who were still hanging there. And tadaaaaa~!! Everything solved within 10 minutes. Whoa. Guys are always awesome when it comes to cars.

Positive negative positive negative, red black red black...I know that's something very simple but yerrr... it's complicated for me. Yes I understand that there are colors to differentiate the positive and negative thingy, but... I'm still blur. Perhaps I should take up some mechanic course in the next term break. Haiz.

Thank you guys~!! *Big bow* Without their assistance, I would have to walk all the way to donno-where to reload my phone. Haih my phone always run out of credit.

Well ya I know they won't be reading, but anyway, just an acknowledgement for their effort.

Psst, guys always look very macho when they are fixing cars. Haha.

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