Friday, August 22, 2008

That girl who cried wolf

Have you ever heard of that story?

A story about a kid who lied about the wolf?

C'mon, it's so famous, everyone who studied Pendidikan Moral would have heard of it before. Hence I'm not gonna repeat again.

Well, I've been placed in the shoes of the kid's now.

I am telling my besties that I am single and available, they asked me to stop lying. -.-
Probably I looked too happy for someone who has just broke up. Don't jia jia la. They said. Jia jia means fake in chinese. Don't be fake la. Sigh. Friends, you should know that a broken relationship does not lead to a broken heart - the heart won't be broken when it does not even exist. When my heart is not with the relationship anymore, how could it be possible broken?

When they started to believe, they said, almost 3 years. what a waste. I don't regard that as a waste. Spending lifetime on a relationship which does not suit my lifestyle is a waste for me.

When I chose to make the decision, I have thought thoroughly, albeit this is not the first time of doing this - Well ya, we have always been the on-off type as I have mentioned in my first post, and ya, I am always the one who turned it off.

But unlike the other Venusians out there, I don't share every time of breaking with those from the same planet (nay, neither do I share with any of the Martian - I'm not that bitchy, and I'm not an attention grabber). Well, I did announce it once - when I thought that there was no turning point. The relationship was mended that time, and thus, this time my besties choose not to trust me.

Back to that matter. When asking for bringing the relationship to an end does not even cost me a drop of tear, I know things are not sailing at the right path. I used to be really upset. I used to soak my pillow with flowing tears in the middle of the night. What else? I have forgotten. Everything has faded. Perhaps I have just used to it. I am sick with it. Breaking up become something so regular in our relationship, what a sad case. I have mentioned it for too many times, to some extent that the party involved does not treat it seriously.

This time, I am serious. In the end of that Pendidikan Moral story, the wolf really exist. In the end of my story, I am really single now.

p/s: I am okay. I didn't even label this as an emo post because I don't feel emo at all. Make sense, it is pointless to make some dead relationship alive. Make sense, there are plenty of chances out there. Plenty of better chances.

I suppose it's not a big deal. And note, I'm writing it out not because I wanna make it big.