Thursday, August 14, 2008


So it's the 14th day of the 7th month in the chinese calendar. I don't want to say July not because I don't know there's such word but there is no such word in a Chinese Calendar. And so it's the so called ghost festival. So called only, actually it's not. It's a festival about someone who has rescued his mother from the 'hell from hunger'.

Anyway that's not my point. In conjunction with this so called ghost festival, I'm gonna tell you guys some supernatural incidents which happened to me myself.

(cue:spooky music)

1. That creepy room

On the first few nights, I didn't really sleep well. I thought that I did not use to sleeping a single bed.

However on the 4th or 5th night, I started to feel something is really not going well. My body would get numb all of the sudden, and at the same time, I couldn't move and couldn't voice a single word out. That was the first night which I felt things go wrong.

On the 2nd night, things got worse. At first, I felt the numb. And oooo.. and that was the creepy things happened. I felt the I was floating in the air!! *goosebumps* I felt that my back sticked to the ceiling. The scarier thing was that, I could see myself. Oh... My... Goodness. But this just lasts for a very short while. I didn't feel myself going back to my body. The next thing was that I opened my eyes, and everything gone normal.

The 3rd night, *goosebumps again* I felt the numb as usual. I even could anticipate before the numb came. I could tell myself, 'nanana, it's coming again.' And tadaa, I felt the numb from top to toe again. This time I didn't float in the air. I heard someone humming - right beside my left ear. It was a song which I haven't heard before but strangely, I could follow both the melody and the rhythm hummed. The humming stopped after like... I didn't really know when did the humming stopped.

The next day, I asked my brother who has slept in the same room before. What he said was much scarier than what I have experienced. He said he has felt the bed shaking!~!~!~! Goodness goodness. That was really freak me out but I still slept in the same room that night because there was no more room for me. Pity me.

Strange enough, nothing happened on that night and the following nights.

Scientifically, it can be explained as the body sleeps before the brain does. Or may be I have not used to sleep on a bed near a window or perhaps I was just dreaming. But what about my brother?

2. Those pens
In the last year of my high school, someone has brought out this game named 'the spirit of the pen'. I'm not sure who had started it though.

This is a game where you write out the alphabets and numbers on a piece of paper, and a place called 'home', and the spirit would resolve the questions by leading you to those alphabets.

How did you know that it's that particular alphabet? Well that spirit would make a circle round the targeted alphabet to make that indication.

It was once so popular among those form 3 students (while I was form 5). They were like so obsessed with it because what the spirit has pointed was damn accurate lor.

Why would I know? Because I have tried it before. It could even spell the name of my crush out! (oh talking about my crush, I met 2 of my ex-crushes today wakaka) And one day I played it at home and the spirit wouldn't want to go 'home' when I asked so. -.-

And you know what? I believe that that kind of spirit still following me until today, after 4 years. How would I know? When I opened my palm widely and put on the surface, it moved automatically - no joke. Alright maybe you wanna give me some scientific explaination. Go ahead then.

Advice: Please do not play this kind of game. This is not even a game.
I've heard people gone crazy because she played that 'basket doll' game - grandma's story anyway.

3. Tarot
This is not really scary la. So I bought a set of tarot out of curiosity. I didn't really rely on the tarot and I'm just buying it for the sake of fun~

One day, I was having some problem with my baybee (aiya I always have some problems with him de la) and I asked the tarot, if you think we still should be together, give me a 'lover'. And I really got a lover~!! Creepy ya? Okaylor, if you wanna treat it as a coincidence, yayaya, it's just a coincidence.

p/s: I wanna take a picture of myself but I couldn't find my scarf. Maybe I will update it one day~
p/p/s: I wanna take a picture of my tarot cards but I can't find my camera~!! walao.. damn creepy. It was with me just now~~

I think that's all from me lar~ I still can feel that pair of eyes watching over me.. Eeeekkk....

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