Sunday, August 3, 2008

Bijou Bazaar!! baby~~

Whoa... So it was my very first time setting up a stall at a bazaar!! At Bijou Bazaar!!Preparation on the previous night until 3am

I actually I had some dilemma earlier before going for this bazaar, wanted to write about it but.. aiks.. minor stuff, forget it then.

So it went like this.

I had another 4 job offers other than opening a stall at Jeumpa D.ramo:
1. Replacement for my ex-crush's girlfriend
She is one of my colleague in music centre. This is the easiest job and one I could adapt most I guess. I have so used to deal with other's students. I am the official replacement teacher at the music centre i work at because I am always that free -.-
But then I rejected it - because my crush picked her over me. -.-
Nola. Because I wanted to go for Bijou Bazaar.

2. PC fair job (1)
This is offered by the guy who accompanied me all the way home in my previous job as a promoter.
Selling laptop at PC fair, RM85 per day, not inclusive of commission, dinner provided.
Long standing period plus I didn't know a parking area with low parking rate at KLCC. The lowest I parked was RM6.50, which was like damn high for me.
The most important point is that - I wanted to go for Bijou Bazaar

3. PC fair job (2)
This is offered by the event co-ordinator who contacted me for my previous job.
I'm not sure what to sell. Okay la I forgotten. RM100 flat per day.
Rejected it, reason same as above la.

4. Game girl

Oh what's that?
This is offered by April. RM... 80+ arr? Forgotten. At Taman Shamelin Perkasa (Oh~!! Cheras!!) which is very near to my place.
No long standing period (it's only 4 working hours), no persuading - but... I think uniform provided, and gotta play games with customer?
No.. I'm not sure about this job.
Anyway I rejected it, because I wanted to go for Bijou Bazaar haha.

5. PETRA youth
Oh this is not a job. Apparently I promised to be their pianist in the upcoming song fest. The previous pianist wanted to sing so much and that's why I'm helping them out.

So what's the dilemma? Actually no dilemma at all, because I have decided before everything came to me. Wakaka. The only thing I have to consider is that I won't earn as much as any of above job in Bijou Bazaar.

Alright, back to the Bazaar. You know how pity was I? I had to carry everything all by myself because I could find no one to accompany me. Haih... Am I that terrible until I have no close friend? Not that I didn't have anyone in mind, the candidates (hooiseh.. candidates) are either not in Kuala Lumpur, or not free. Cham la me. Plus I have always manage my business (hooiseh.. business) myself, no other shareholder (hooiseh... shareholder). Sounds like some big business wakaka.

So I tied on the imaginery head band like those japanese did, look at myself in the mirror, gave myself a confidence, nod to myself (with this face =( - not the sad one la, use abit of your imagination la) and started the day off.

First day
It wasn't as difficult as I have thought of. At least I didn't lost my way in the middle of KL. Of course, I studied the map on the night before wor. Don't laugh at me la, I have the ability to get myself trapped at anywhere you know. I've always wished that my car is equipped with GPS system haiz. First move very successful. Mm! *nod confidently with this face =(*

Then I went to mark my territory. I considered myself as early BUT! There were lots of experienced (I assume) sellers who were much earlier than me. I was afraid I found nowhere to set up my stall! Oh my god that was so scary. At last I manage to found a place at the second floor - where it was cool (cool as in the temperature. Not you regular literal 'cooool') if compared to the ground and the first floor. The bad thing is that the customer flow is not as good as the lower floors.. sigh. Anyway, this is another success too. Second move, Mm! *giving that annoying nod to myself again*

Alright, the third step - to set up the stall. This ain't really easy you see. I was alone. I had to carry all the stuff from the car - and my car is parked quite a distance away because as I said, I thought I was early. I had to go a total of 3 rounds to have anything to be fetched to the spot. Of course la I have 3 big plastic bags of clothes, a clothes rack, a mannequin, my bag, a small plastic bag which consisted of some stationeries like scissors, cellotape, notebook, pencil bag, etc., a small stool and a big plastic bags of hangers. Geng leh, I carried it all by myself wakaka. It was hard but.. still succeeded it~ Third move, Mm! *insert whatever expression you can think of*

And now, wait for the customers. This was... not so good. As I said, the customer flow wasn't that at my place. Anyway in the end my sales were still able to cover the rental fee of that day.

Oh btw I saw Suet Li, Aud and their friend. She was friendly as how she sounds in her blog and flashed me that gum-exposed smile when I asked 'are you Suet Li?' Oh so cute~ And Aud was really petite man. She took one of my shorts in size S, and her pals said, this is too big for you la. Oh when can I be like this arr. I want to say aiya this is too big for me la. Aiya why are all these so loose one. Aiya you don't have a smaller size meh. Sigh but too bad, this is so contrary to the fact. Aiya I afraid that this is too tight for me la. Aiya do you have a bigger size? yealar so that's me.

Oh and I saw the girl who borrowed Suet Li her blue dress to attend the Hong Leong dinner and her sisters. Walao I sound like a loyal fan of Suet Li's wakaka. I forgotten her name la because I have just only her blog once. Her closet is like 4 times bigger than mine. Maybe more -.-

And by the way again the following were my lunch. I bought it from my neighbour GG.
She was such a cute and bubbly girl. Was really very great to have her as my neighbour you see.

Oh during tea time, I bought another box from her again wakaka.

As for dinner.. There was this girl who asked me whether I want Soto and of course I said I want la because I was starving (even after eating 12 cupcakes haha). But this soto was a disappointment. It was so oily and tasteless. And kononnya chicken soto they only put one slice of chicken. and it was RM5. -.-I miss those sotos sold in KK la.

So in the end of the day, when I was packing I saw my neighbour sellers went off without taking their stuff. Then only I know we could just left our stuff there. I was wondering whether I should set up on the second day but now I didn't have to think so much. The only reason which put me into doubts was that I was lazy to carry those stuff here and there.

Second day.
I wasn't as enthusiastic as the day before. I should be more energetic because I slept at 11.30p.m. the day before! I didn't even online before I slept! Oh this was so not me. Tell you something which was more not me, I woke up *automatically* at 7.45a.m.! But I insisted to lie on the bed until 8a.m., when the phone alarm buzzed. I was so lazy you see.

Then I slowly and steadily showered, made up and even took my sweet time to prepare my own lunch~ Hmm.. it was 10a.m. when I took off. Hey I took off like 1 hour earlier for the first day okay. I didn't have to rush for it because I have left my stuff there~ wakaka. Nice nice nice~

Anyway the sales was terrible. It could barely cover the rental fee. Barely as in the rental fee was RM50 per day, and my profit of the day was RM50. I still haven't counted in the toll fee, petrol usage, my priceless time and the bag I bought from my customer's friend who shared a stall at Bijou aslo. Anyway that dainty furry bag only cost me RM20 wakaka. I know that it's new because when you buy a new bag, the inner zip head is in the middle and you can choose whether you wish to open it from left or from right. Aiya guys wouldn't understand this. Girls would know it. Yea the bag was in that condition when I bought it. Her shopaholic friend even bought another color in the same design, but has never used it. Aduizzzzzzz.

Haiz the customer flow was bad bad bad until I have hell lots of time to take pictures. So you guys must have missed me because it's been since I put up my self-potrait haha. Nah, show you some of my pictures.

Nah this is me, attempted to take a picture with my stall, but too yong sui, so gonna take again.


Nah this is me, waliao eh, the smile was damn fake la. -.- cannot, so gonna take again

(then an imaginery bald old man with long snow white beard sprang out and told me 'when you force yourselves to smile, you won't get a true smile.' And I was like 'bling' and got this idea of thinking something happy. I thought of how my sister got the nickname 'sap mm' (15 in cantonese). It cracked me up whenever I thought of it haha.

And then...-.- over exposed.

Forget it. Lazy to take somemore. You know smiling at the camera alone is really idiotic. You in that situation won't feel so because you haven't seen as a third party (or 2nd party, in this case) yet. I have seen some lalas camwhoring everywhere, doing all those smooches and winks to the camera, and I really feel that it's funny. Anyway I did that funny thing also la.

Back to the bazaar. So today more foods are available but as I said just now, I brought my own food and 2 bottles of water. Nah, my food. I ate like every 1 and a half hours although I wasn't hungry. I ate to fill my own satisfaction and my craze for the eggs.suppose to have four breads but I have eaten two.

4 breads and I finished it in 7 hours. I have eaten another 2 as breakfast. Oh did I tell you that I have a nickname 'mian bao po' (bread lady in Mandarin) because I brought bread to school everyday during my primary school days? Haha.
And you know what someone spread the news that there was a palm reader in that bazaar who just do the job for RM2! As a very 38 auntie I am, I got very excited you see. I started to visualise the look of the palm reader. Hmm.. could it be the wise old man who taught me how to smile just now? or could it be a hamsap fat man with curly hair and oily face whose ultimate intention was to hold the girls' hand but pretend to be a palm reader? oh.. maybe a gypsy lady with bouncy long wavy hair who dressed in bohemian style top to toe.

So it turned out to be...
-.- Never thought of it at all ish. A very young girl with soft fingers and tones.

She didn't talk much about your family, your wealth, your future yadda yadda. She talked about who I am. When I told my neighbours this, most of them said, 'ceh I know who I am'. Steam Potonger haha.So she said I worried a lot, and got nervous very easily. Oh so true~~ And she said I had to work hard to earn what I want. Erm... I don't think so la. It wasn't very hard for me. Perhaps I would feel difficult at the time I was working, but I still think that earning money isn't that hard. I'm sensitive, taking what people say seriously. This is somehow true la. There's one person who always let me down in my life. When she said this I almost cry you know. My eyes actually got blurred by tears already. She was so true. T.T That's not the only thing she said anyway. But I have forgotten haih.

I think it's the end of the day la. I shall end it with a picture of me having my dinner with my satisfaction look~

Here~ me, very satisfied, eating whole grain rice, homemade taufu fishcake, homemade siumai and steamed veggie chicken. Oh my grandma is such a brilliant chef~

*my leg is invisible. no one sees that. my leg is invisible. no one sees that. everyone thinks that I'm gracefully eating in dining room, not on a cozy sofa in the living room. I am graceful.*

*I'm not sure about this but I think Kinkybluefairy bought my shorts wakaka. That girl looked like her, I did think that it was her but denied that thought because she wasn't in her red hair. Recently read her blog found that her hair is no longer red. It's her? It's not her? Maybe she's just someone who looks like her. Or maybe me rabun. Anything la.*


aLiya said...

crap. couldnt go....!
and.. Crap.. why u got so many part time jobs wan?

Cheryl a.k.a. Shang Hui said...

[aliya] pc fair ma...
actually if you go once,
you'll get lots of offers thereafter.~

Suet Li said...

hey =) thanks for saying i'm nice haha. and sorry you didn't get as many customers on sunday =( i wanted to go again but it's sooo far from my hse!

Cheryl a.k.a. Shang Hui said...

[suet li] thanks for leaving that comment wakaka.
so you actually googled yourselves or u found me as a referral to your site or your friend told you i wrote about you? haha...