Tuesday, August 19, 2008

very wow and very happy

I am happy!

I am delighted with the outing today~!

A super simple outing with some x-high school mates, but it makes me smile for the whole day!

No wonder you guys are my favourite people~~

No picture. Because didn't bring camera. And it's just a very casual outing afterall.

Oh ya, maybe I should put some pictures taken by Mei Yi with the 2.0MP phone camera.

Now let's go for some teaser pic. Woohoo.
My very wow thighs.
-.- -.- -.-

Teaser pic again wakaka. My very wow arms and not very wow boobs.

Very wow arms, not very wow boobs and very wow thighs,
then how is the face suppose to look like?
Moving Up...
Moving Up...
Up you go...
Me. My very wow happy face. Very wow eyes with very wow smile with very wow braces and very wow gums. No la I have to make this kind exaggerated expression because Mei Yi wanna try out that Face Warp application.

From left: Happy fool, Log-faced, Sharp Chin

From left: Square, Gobbler, Big Face

From left: Professor, Alien, Big Nose

From left: Alien Hybrid, Upnose, Small Nose

From left: Twister , Wide Smile, Grit

Not sure how to resize it. Sigh. Forget it. Ugly stuff shouldn't be enlarged afterall.

Confession: Yes. I cropped the original picture because I wanted to hide my super duper wow arms. But I'm so lazy to crop the warped pictures. Forget it then.

The only poor guy in the car with another 3 girls because none of us know the exact direction =.=

See I'm not that narcissistic sometime.

But I laughed until I got ulcer you know.. sigh..

*what a super vain and lame post*


aLiya said...

ah moi skrg hari-hari letak gambar sendili -kat blog. dah tak sama dengan dulu.

Memang. Vain betul.Wakaka!

Cherylmeryl said...

Last time...
I didn't?