Sunday, August 31, 2008

I'm 21~~ I'm legal for lotsa stuff

Hmm??!! hmm??!!
It's 12.14a.m., 31st August 2008.
'Why are you home?' People are shocked when they see me on msn.
Yea right, what am I doing here?
Thought I was supposed to be hanging out there with friends?
Why am I so not happening?
This is so not me... Haih... Getting older. What to do. Sick with all those excitement.

Nay..I am fully blessed you see. I had some really lovely celebrations before this. I mean, really, really lovely.

1. Family
Yeap. For more details, click here.
It happened on the 24th~~

Sad, dad mom xx lenggirl zhiboy.. all of them are not here. But they did wish me via sms~ wakaka.

*update* aunt brought us to Hilton hotel for dimsum lunch and Delicious for teatime. Haih I'm so stingy I normally won't go those kinds of atas places you know.Me pretending.

Aunt, grandma, aunt

2. Ex highschool mates
Wakaka. My favourite gang.
So my grandma wish to invite my friends over (alot!! And I don't know why), hence, I had these problems (click if you really wish to know).Problems solved at last. I still can cook. *proud. nod wisely*
Nay. I didn't cook everything anyway. My grandmom cooked most of 'em. Wakaka. I'm a good assistant.

Why highlight sushis? Because I made 'em. *again. Proud.*

Anyway, this is my plan - come over my place, have dinner, then tailgate my neighbour's car to Malaysia International Firework Competition - my neighbours know the best spot. MIFC has nothing to do with the celebration, it's just some self preference. I watched it with my neighbours last year, and I would really love to share the excitement with my favourite gang. Wakaka.
Break. Pictures. Words later.

Chin Hong, the one in red, also been given birth on the same day, same hospital. Might have seen each other before.

Ying Huey the bestie and Mooi Jou the pictures provider. Credits to her~ And that was my neighbour who led us to the best spot at MIFC. Me behind the mask.

From left: Zhen Cheq, Toby, Jia Liang, Chee Hoe. Can't really see them. Whatever.

Me. Whoolamak. Not sure why that face.

Alright continue.

So that was my luck, everything turned out to be super perfect!! Those who had decided not to go to MIFC did go at last~ Alright it's not entirely for me, we did it for our long lost friend Chin Hong too, who was also borned on the same day.

My friends blamed me for not buying cake because conventionally, the host shall prepare her own cake... But but.. I really don't like it when ppl sing the birthday song.

Finally, they bought and brought the cake all the way to Putrajaya, and it turned out to be some combination of yogurt + milo powders (originally, raspberry cheesecake) as we decided to eat it after the 20-minute show. And oh, they forgotten the candles. Haha.

In a nutshell, everything went perfectly - as how I have expected. It sailed on so smooth, unbelievably smooth. Oh, except for they were late for an hour for the dinner and they didn't really enjoy the dinner. Hmm... I truly, deeply understand that. I won't blame them. Hmm.
*pictures later*

3. Church mates

Wow did you mean .. c-h-u-r-c-h??
Hmm... Yeap. For how could I be related to a church, refer to this post and this post.

Anyway, I went to the church again - it was a boring afternoon and I have got nothing better to do and I miss them and really wish to see them again.

In the end of the day, the chairman of the day suddenly announced that it will be my birthday on the next day, and someone brought out 3 slices of OREO cheesecake!! And the next thing, birthday song. Yes, yes, I know, only those from the same group know who I am, but still, aiyerrr... so sweet man...A very surprised me. With oreo cheesecake!! aiyerrr.. People who bought this is a genius~~

Couldn't really remember what happened next, as I was truly surprised by 'em. Never ever expected that they would have done something like that to a newcomer.

And it's OREO!!!!! Aiyerrr... You know, oreo cheesecake and oreo milkshake is always my first choice whenever I go to secret receipe. Aiyerrrr.... what a beautiful coincidence~!!!
*no picture*

Wasn't that lovely? I am truly blessed~~~
Thank you for what you have done for me... Really thank you people~!!!!
I can't name you one by one, *cover mouth, sniff* but really... thank you...
*wet eyes*

[p/s: this somehow reminds me of my 17th birthday. That day, I hung out till 3am++ and had to march for National Day celebration at Putrajaya in the next morning, at 6am. Imma tough cookie wakaka. In the end of the day, while returning to the headquarter, I fall asleep in the bus.
All of the sudden, I was awaken by birthday song, and found that the whole bunch of the members were singing~~ I haven't even met them before... Gotta thank my senior who planned that very short celebration. Well, I did treat it as celebration. haha.
That was so remarkable aiyerr...]

Anyway, tomorrow will be the actual day. So this is my plan. In the morning, I will play badminton with my highschool mates, and then go for a movie with 'em. Haha. Lousy plan on a national day.

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