Saturday, August 16, 2008

our degree are not useless

Continued from the previous post.

Things are getting hotter and funnier.

More and more people are joining the force, and I would definitely say that this is a dark force since the party who brought the whole thing up actually wish to get everything ended but we still bring it on.

*while I'm typing this entry Steppy, the innocent who posted up the picture has deleted the picture and everything gone.*

Sigh, since everyone, including the said Lyon Teo and Steppy wanted to end this (her action of deleting the picture indicated so), I'm not going to further flame up the matter. It makes me a bitch if I bring the matter on.

Not fun. Everything just chill off like that.

But nevermind. In that 7-ppl msn conversation window, Jia Liang pointed out something. Something very meaningful. We shall thank Lyon Teo. But for him, we wouldn't have gathered together and gossiped and shot and posted those super vain comments on Steppy's page. But for him, we wouldn't have had that wonderful night haha.. And by the way, I love you guys~!!

Monday Monday Monday Monday~!! I'm gonna see you guys again....~!!! Yay~

*yawn* boring post.

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