Friday, August 15, 2008

Arts students n' business students are not useless!!!

I'm very angry now. Maybe years later when I look back what I've done I will think that man, why am I so childish. But I'm just very angry now.
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This message really pissed me off. Not to the max yet, but it's near to the boiling point.

He didn't show respects at all. How can he just stereotype arts students in that way? Arts students are morons? Oh gosh. What the fuck is he talking about? So I left a comment at the same page, and at the same time I sent him a personal message.

Apparently he deleted that comment while I'm writing this entry and yes, it memang cooled me off abit but I know there are so many science students (I'm not stereotyping science students, but in fact, I really know lots of them do) look down over us arts / business students.

Update: No he's not sincere in apologising. Or he didn't even apologise in the first place. So this is what he replied.

What?Mmm.... Good point. *nod wisely*

Oh my god, he really thinks that he doesn't need any of the services relating to arts~!!

I do think my point is precise enough. I don't need flowery words. Nay. That's too mouthful and too long.

I'm kinda sad that I don't have a really good command of english but what I said do have points.
Haih why am I like that. I have always been a soft-spoken and polite lady (-.- deng la) why am i like that har?

Shall I not be angry with this? He is now insulting arts students. =.=

Don't read newspaper ma.
Don't play dota ma.
Or even better, as my friend Mei Yi said,
don't wear anything ma.
Don't stay in a house ma.

Arts students and business students are not useless~!!!!!!

And yes, as he said, to be continued... Stay tuned people..


ian said...

when you do continue, tell that ignorant sob that a degree allows people naturally good at arts to get to know the technical side of what their good at, thereby enabling them to get better and understand what theyre creating. a good example is music. there aren't many good musicians out there that don't know their theory. i give perfect pitch as an example of naturally being good at music, and yet, you don;t have to have this to create or play good music.

being a business student, his mind would probably be blown if he knew the kind of theory music degree students get into. pfft.

Anonymous said...

very smart. The dude very smart..... Art students are all pure idiots. No wonder Malaysia is in such a statelar, wif IDIOTS like him.
Thinking like that.

It's oklar. Forgive himlar. He haven't seen things yet. Let some hooligans "shake" him abit, then he will be fine

Anonymous said...

Maybe he needs to be 'introduced' to martial ART students instead, hehehe..

Anonymous said...

I would say that all different roles are important. If even one role is gone, the whole human world will become unbalanced.

The guy who think he is really so damm smart is actually the stupid idiot! He think he is smart? I am sure there a lot of smarter people around the world.

One more thing, without Arts, means no visual, no visual means u can't see anything, which means other things won't exist. Will the stupid idiot be able to do science experiment if he can't see anything?! He is an idiot!

Nerris said...

what a "science VS art" war happening?!~

Though i am a science student since dunno when, but i did respect ppl who taking other streams..

every field every career hv it's professionalism..
we shouldnt be so-over judgemental~

World wil never be peace and improve with such stereotyping mind-set~

I believe and i curse that guy to marry a lady with PHD in business!!