Wednesday, December 31, 2008

It's over~

I'm referring to this. Infatuation over someone.

This was suppose to be a very long post. I have included those days we had gone through which made him a really special crush but... I highlighted everything, and pressed BackSpace.

Since it's over now, and since it's just a crush, not even a relationship, there is no point writing it down in details I guess.

*why do you even want to write this post then?*

Well, I said in the previous post (by that, I mean the post regarding infatuation), I would let you guys know when I brought it to an end yea? Right.

And boy, it had been 4 months~!!! I thought it would only last for few hours or few days or few weeks leh. It's so unbelievable. In the very beginning, it was his talent which attracted me (okay, it is extremely easy for me to fall for a musician) but then.. 4 months? It's a very long infatuation I would say~

Sigh... my coming days will be some boring one without having someone running in my mind.

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