Tuesday, December 2, 2008

There is no excuse to be emo because...

1. I got to meet with my beloveds~!!!!!....

2. and watched Madagascar with them~!!!This picture has nothing to do with Madagascar.
I'm a good citizen I didn't take any picture in the cinema
(okay I actually did but it was too dark our face really couldn't be seen)
Hence just as well put an untitled picture to fill in the lacuna.

3. Even traffic jam was wonderful~!!!
4. Dinner was awesome too~!!!

Yeal... trying to lose weight...
life was just about counting calories...
First time eating without counting calories after 8 days of doing so..

5. And I got to eat cupcakes~!!!Eh I tell you what,
I wanted to pay a visit to Secret Receipe after dinner at Naili's.
Right before I step into SR,
a Malay guy (whose smile is really adorable) approached us and sold us cupcakes.
Am so lucky.

6. Oh and...I love myself??Not emo because I love myself?
yealar being emo is mentally harmful,
loving myself = don't wanna harm myself = no emo

7. I got to meet with my beloved.... soon!!!
Soon is like.. February 2009... haha

QQ!!!! WE MISS YOU~!!!!

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蓝天 said...

Shang shang..love tis pic of ur post!!!u r really good in design!!!hahhahahaha

miss u guys too...seems that u guys havin quite a lot of fun^^