Monday, December 8, 2008

Netball practice

Couldn't make it... cause it's still raining out there.

(at Mei Yee's room btw)
(using her lappie btw)
Yay. =.=

^_^ (=.=)

=.= sleepy eyes + eyebags =.=

Nah. Balls.
Balls again.

Ending of lame + vain post.
Time to practice.
It's 8.17am btw. =.=
Brain malfunctioning.
Couldn't think of better captions.

Suppose to be still in dreamland. Err.
We did practise. Trust us.
It did not last long though.
Ended up...

Us being us. Mmm.

And...Yeap. Us still being us.

1 comment:

april said...

erm...huh...u actually remember wht we said? but hor, like slow jor geh..wer wer talkin bout john travolta in bolt lo~!!! gagagag