Saturday, December 26, 2009

The RM2.50 difference

Sounds like the slogan of some charity ad.

But no.
So, me and my sister bought some wall stickers,
which cost us RM2.50 each from the night market.

I should have taken a picture of the clean wall before sticking the flowers but I didn't do so because I was too eager to put them onto my wall.

Nah, here's a random picture of my sister playing cards on my bed, with the clean wall as background.
Not too clear though.

And here, the end result~

Yes, my sister even purposely bought cotton candy in order to create nicer effects.

'Like that only got feel ma...' According to her.

And look~
I even took the initiative to change my bed sheet to maximise the color coordination~~

Yes I know,
there is imperfection.
I couldn't find another pillow sheet of the same series...

Still not too bad ya???

(p/s: I have the feeling that something has gone really wrong with the phrase 'a wind ceows so cooe...' but I just blindly sticked them on in accordance to the sample...)

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