Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Chameleon Chung

Call me Chung.
Chameleon Chung.
I'm no longer Cheryl for today.
I'm Chameleon.

A pink chameleon I am.

Or.. or.. or..
You may call me Cat Chung.
You have no way to deny that it is a cat costume although I didn't look like one at all when I had them on me - those are kids' costume afterall.

The cat and the chicken - which claimed that the cat would eat the chicken hence quickly took off the chicken costume because it did not want to be eaten.

And the only human who was so kind to help out the chicken on its costume.


I guess I'm getting lame.
I was commented to be so when I updated my status on facebook as:

You are forgiven for not thinking of me because if you do, your mind will have no room for other stuff-
afterall, I'm too fat. Wakakakakakaka.

Lame meh?

Not too bad right?

*no wonder I still don't have a boyfriend. Sigh*

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