Friday, November 27, 2009

Lost the virginity of....

1) ..clubbing with collegemates.
Yes. Despite that it's the final year in this college.

(aprilpretty, note, it's mates. not mate.When I clubbed with you, I considered it as clubbing with collegemate.)

Glad that you guys are not those of the boring types.

2) ..entering Zouk.
Yes. Because I am too stingy to pay the cover charge.
I hate smokes- my dress would smell like it, my hair would smell like it, even my tights would smell like it...
I do not fancy alcohols - I vomited 5 times for having 2 glasses of Heineken, 3 times for half glass of red wine and twice for a glass of Long Island.
Wow I'm such a fantastic drinker.

I would rather have more cupcakes and more dresses.
At least they make me happy.

3) ..kissing with girls.

Kate Perry kissed a girl.

I liplocked two.
And good girls do kiss.
And I kissed doesn't mean that I was drunk.

Guys, you are most welcomed to feel envious of me - for being able to kiss the two hottest girls in the college.

4) ..driving on the road after 2am.
I told you so.
I have always been a good girl - and still am one.
I usually hang out with my high school mates.
They are those who stay very near to my place.
So they usually would send me back.
This is a different case though.
So yea, I gotta make my own way home.

5) ..blowing into a breathalyzer.
Ah Leng... You should have taken the picture of me.
First time.
There is only one first time in our whole life.
Yea. I would have been caught if I were in Brazil or Bangladesh.
But too bad, drinking lots of cola would just increase my blood sugar level.

Oh yea. Just went to April's blog - which reminded me that it was Thanksgiving.
Happy Thanksgiving.
Thank you for all the opportunities.


april said...

I wanted to snap THAT moment of you, blowing (sounds like blowjob~excuse me) so so much. Buth then again, the cops is standin by ur side wei. Later he charge me jor chai pan gung. Than jialat. Or worst, he charge me for disrespect of the royal force and by the time we reached the police station the charges morphed to resist apprehension. I dont want to go behind the bars!!

oh yea, cupcakes makes you fat , VERY fat. Alcohol besides beers, you dont get fat. And red wine is well-known for maintaining youth~ So hows that? For beauty or FATs? your call babe!

MATE/MATES - doesnt matter. We still rockz though!!

Cheryl a.k.a. Shang Hui said...

[april] *zombified because out of cupcakes* huh what? no cupcakes? slice of cakes???

Nigelais said... nampak go clubbing...

Anonymous said...

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