Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Canopy Walk

I was uber excited because of I knew that I got to eat something yummy~~

Hear me?? F.O.O.D. food~~

Me and my family members were heading to a really good restaurant, a restaurant which was located at the other side of the hill.

Prior to that, we had to gone through a canopy bridge.Yeap. Something like this.
But it was way more dangerous than this.

Anyway, back to the story.

Enthusiastically, my sister and my mom started to walk.

When I took the first step out, intimidation crawled upon me.

It wasn't the usual canopy.
It was one which made by merely ropes,
something even worse than one which was shown in the picture.

I felt no fear at all in the picture.
The canopy was made by some wood but it was rather steady,
as contrast to the rope.

You know what's worse?

I saw something like this from the canopy itself.

For God's sake, it is THAT high!!!
(it is a picture taken from the plane. Can you imagine a canopy bridge which is high like that??)

I could even see clouds when I took my first step out!!

Goodness. I can't do it. I stepped aside, went to the playground nearby, and started to cry.

No. It was too scary...


Yeap. That's the word.

I didn't experience the same when I hiked mount K, neither did I feel the same when I went across the canopy bridge shown in the picture above. My fear for height applied to some other stuff. Like...

Ferris wheel.

I cried during a ride in Eyes On Malaysia - Melaka.

You know what's worse??
I even didn't dare to open my eyes during in that Wagon Wheel ride.
Yeap. The Wagon Wheel at Sunway Lagoon.

Back to acrophobia.

i don't feel fear for height when I was going across the canopy walk!!

So how???

I just wanna eat!!! I had to go across it!!!

But NO!!!!!!

It was.. really... way too scary...
I really can't do it!!!

But we were there already....

And then I woke up. I was on my couch, at the basement.

My eyes hurt because I accidentally fall asleep while still wearing the lens.

I still can feel the fear.....

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