Monday, November 16, 2009

Sweaty greasy men are hot

At least hotter than that selfish brainless irrational Unser driver.

So the incident could be illustrated as follows:

It's a black-goat white-goat situation.
The road is too narrow to allow 2 cars to pass through.
So as you could see from the above illustration,
I am already at the end of the road,
going towards the parking area.

The stupid Unser was just started to go into the road,
and we encountered with each other.
Sadly, not the romantic type of encounter...

Rationally, he ought to be the one who reverse the car.
You see, if I were to reverse the car, I had to make it all the way to the busy road.
There are possibility of me being hit by the cars on the busy road okay???

The stupid Unser driver still refused to do anything to resolve the dispute.

So yea, I will have to move, as follow:

I moved to the left, bearing the risk that I might be bump into the uncovered longkang.
Slowly, steady, and...


I knew it.
I sat in the car, prayed that what was in my mind did not become the truth.
I tried to reverse my car,
and what I could smell was those emitted from the heated tyre,
the car did not move a bit.

I went down and inspected the car,
and woohoo, as expected, one of the tyre was stucked in the longkang.

Yay~ I'm so smart. I knew that this might be happen at the moment I tried to be a good citizen to let the Unser go through.
My prediction is so zun I tell you. Woohoo!! Smart Shang.

It's not the right time to be happy.

It was impossible for a weak girl like me to reverse the car on my own right?

I looked around, no one.
I went to the parking area, and asked for the assistance of the Indian guard who has a plastic bag on his head - it was raining btw.

He then came over, and did some inspection on the situation.

During his inspection, a Malay biker passed by.
He went down from his bike, and joined the inspection.

He started blabbering some stuff, like,
'Macam ni... kena panggil tow la...'
'You tarak abang kah? siapakah?...'
'Kalau banyak orang, boleh lah...'

He asked for my key, went into the car, tried to reverse the car while the Indian guard pushed the car.

As expected, failed.

The Indian then shouted for the Chinese man who was sitting outside the building which was known as the prostitutes' accomodation, and who used the cardboard as an umbrella while coming over to the scene.

The Chinese man came over, inspected the situation,
and shouted for the other Indian guard of the parking area.

So there were a Malay biker in raincoat,
2 Indian parking guards who have plastic bags on their heads,
and a Chinese man who used a cardboard as the umbrella,
plus a weak Chinese girl (-.-) in hoodies in the scene.

The Chinese man then asked me to get into the car,
tried to reverse the car while 4 of them pushed the car off the longkang.

I followed his direction,
got into the car,
and what got into my sight was the faces of 4 serious men pushing the car.
(I thought of capturing this touching moments.
But I think I will be scolded kao kao if I were to take out my phone)

In 2 seconds time, the car was managed to be pushed off from the drain.


I got teary once I felt that they were able to make it.
You know what's macho???
They are!!!

All of them waved at me, flashed me their smile, and went off respectively.

I didn't even have the chance to thank them!!!

I only have 30 bucks in my wallet and I gave all of them to the parking guards, who, were attempted to refuse at first.
Okayla, of course at last they accepted it on my insistence.

I learnt a really big lesson today.
People whom you normally don't look at, may be one who give you the assistance when you are in need of it.
It's ironic.
I see the selfishness and the selflessness on different people in 15 minutes.
Those who give me a hand without hesitation,
I hereby give them my deepest respect.

As for the selfish Unser driver,
I curse you to have no one to give you assistance when you encounter the same problem.

And sorry, my car.
It's the 2nd incident happen to you thus far.
I will try to avoid the 3rd, I promise.

*update: several people brought up the issue of 1Malaysia.
Indeed, if there were a story writing competition for the purpose of supporting 1Malaysia,
perhaps I could win eh~*

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