Sunday, November 8, 2009

6 types of conversation which turn me off on MSN

Inspired by the badboy - The facebook Freaks That I won't Approve.
Am pretty angry with some of the people who chatter with me on Msn.

Let's take a look at some of them.

1. How are you??

It is my own problem.
Basically there is nothing wrong at all about it.

Nevertheless, it is so frequently used to the extend that people out there are abusing it.

Yes, it is absolutely normal to greet someone with 'how are you?'
I shouldn't say that people had overused it as if I said so, I would have implied that people overused 'yo', 'hi' as well right??

I just feel that it is the most unimpressive and boring greeting line in the world.
It is so conventional to the extent that I don't feel sincerity when they toss me this question.


Please please please - do not use this line while chatting with me.

2. The religious follower

It is interrelated with the abovementioned boring opening line.

So I suggested them,

'Perhaps you could start the conversation by referring to my personal message?'

So their learnt the lesson - religiously.

If I put my PM as 'yay! I had smoked salmon today.'
They would go like 'Oh you had smoked salmon today?'
If I put it as 'Gah... my legs hurt.'
They would go like 'Oh your legs hurt?'

They basically just copied whatever written as my personal message.

Hello. Be creative guys.

Remember the 5Ws??? Those you have learned in your standard 1 english language lesson?

Yea. Some of them are better. 'Oh so good. You had smoked salmon today...'
Yea. With an addition of compliments.
So what do you expect me to reply?


3. Haha. Icic. ----- Why so quiet?
So I answered some questions.

Then that was their reply.

Haha. Icic.

Then I remained silence.

Brilliant them break the silence by asking, 'Why so quiet?'

I feel especially geram when they ask so.

Come on guys, what do you expect me to answer when your reply is merely 'haha. icic.'??
First of all, I will come out with some other interesting topic if yours are able to grab my attention.
But sorry lor, you guys keep asking questions like,
'where do you study?'
'how old are you?'
'are you still working?'

And upon asking those, you guys reply 'icic.'

Seriously, I really don't bother coming out with any other topics lor.

4. Webcam?

It's our first conversation.

It's so unfair alright?

I want something mutual.
I mean, I don't mind if you are willing to show your face too.

Nevertheless, that's not the fact!!!

I could only see the very cute cammie icon near the corner of my window - where's yours?

So you expect me to show myself off without knowing what's happening there?


5. Sex. Sex. and Sex.... And more sex....

'Have you ever had sex?'
Does that bother you? My real friends would never asked me this question.
Yea. I understand.
They won't ask their real friends this question as well.
So what if they know the truth?
Will they reach orgasm faster if you get to know that I'm a virgin?

'Do you mind having some safe fun?'
Pretty normal for someone who offer sex right?
Good try people.
And NO. People.

'Do you masturbate?'
I really have no idea of why do people want to know about this.
Like us girls, we never asked this question -
it could be that we are not interested in that,
or that we know that you guys probably do.

Duh. Perv. Very irritating alright?

*Newly added.*

6) The boyfriend issue

'You do this this this, your boyfriend won't get angry meh?'
'Why online arrr.. your boyfriend didn't teman you meh?'

I'm not sure why but the word 'teman' is really frequently used.

Anyway that's not my point.

It is one of the tactic of which they get the information of your relationship status.
One of the worst tactic I would say.

Most of them (I can't firmly say all of them but so far I can't think of any exceptions) are able to access to my facebook account.
It is so crystal clear that I have put my relationship status as 'single'.
When I slap their face with this argument, they would go like...

'Maybe you lied over there leh...'
'Maybe you forgotten to update your status leh...'


If I really want to lie, I could have just lied on your face.

Moreover, so what if I am attached?
Can't the attached girls have additional friends?
So your ultimate purpose of chatting with me is that to get me as your girlfriend?
Isn't is no such things as pure friends in the cyber world?

Yea. I know.
Since you are attached, no point of me wasting time on you anymore.
I would rather spend more time in tackling the singles and availables.

Guys. Tsk tsk tsk.

I met most of those brilliant ones from some events.
It's like a convention to exchange e-mail address right?
So yea. This is how they get to add me as their contact.
Haiyah. These people, die die wanna make people speechless.

The list might go on if any strikes my mine.

*yes la I am that hard to please.
But come to think of it, I chat with someone not because I want to please that someone.
I don't chat to please.*


Ceddy said...

First stop, thanks for following my blog.

Secondly, I AM LOVIN' THY ENTRY! LOL Girl you are soooo hilarious! Like the way you just describe those who want you to turn on your webcam as "perv". HAHAHAHA yer sucha genius! :D

Btw, I've linked you too, since your blog is read-worthy LOL!

Anonymous said...

Stanley said...

Don't be geram lar.. Find someone to teman you? Opps. am I use the words you dislike? LOL :D

Anonymous said...

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