Sunday, November 15, 2009


Not mine, of course.

I can't even smell it.Was just the photographer.
(what? keep skin la.
call yourselves a photographer wor.
Carrying an SLR doesn't automatically make you a photographer.

(I'm talking to myself again.
I really should stop talking to myself eh.
It's getting serious)

Anyway, I wanted to take some artsy pictures of the graduation hat and the certificate holder - it's the core symbol of the graduation anyway,
but my friend, Fai, refuse to take off the graduation hat because he said that his hair would be very messy if he did so.

Eh, I ask you,
sui or not???
Quite sui right?
I tell you, if you are not pretty (like me),
and fat (like me),
and not so photogenic (like me),
go ahead and ask your friend to snap some pictures of you from this angle,
it contributes much in concealing all the ugliness eh.
Good job Cheq~

This is Cheq btw.
The sweetest couple in the universe.
I tell you, whenever he steps on the brake,
he will put his left hand in front of the girl for protection.
When I tell my friend this,
she asked me,
'then what is the seating belt for??'



Anyway.Zhong hai.

I have no idea on what to write anymore.

I put up this post just for the sake of putting up my sui picture.
It's rare alright?

Those who attended.
(I wanted to write in BM but I had forgotten what's attendants in Malay.
Penghadir? Hadiran? Whatever)
You guys just wait.
Next year.
Since you guys are working by then, I expect super large bouquet of flowers.

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