Sunday, November 18, 2007

They are backed...

They, as in my chubby cutie bro and slimmie sassy sis I have mentioned before!!

Well yea, I know, it seems like they are still be treated as some kind of 3-year-old kids. Again, for your information, both of them are in secondary school now. Well, the fact that couldn't be changed - they are always younger than me; another fact that couldn't be changed - Most of the people who are younger than me are always have the description of 'cute' (regardless of the truth - so, don't believe me if you are given such description from me). So, yea...

We stayed up until 3.30am in the morning - It is quite usual for me, as 4am is my usual sleeping time ; as for them, they claimed that they were not sleepy due to the effect of the coccaine in the white coffee they had in Old Town earlier.

Well, in fact, I have to rush for the assignments which my fellow coursemates have already handed in (there are 2 of them!! I totally forgotten about it!! Having TOO MUCH of fun during the Deepavali break). But still, I spent most of my time with them... Well, it was really nice gossiping with them~~ Both of us are sampat (as in boasy) enough, none of us would step back when it comes to gossip. So, that's the compatible part of us~~~ ^^ Fortunately, or, unfortunately, the little brother loves to hang around with his sisters too!!

Finally, we got into our bed at 3.30am (as mentioned).

At about 5am, my little brother rushed into our room, and yelled,
'I din sleep for the whole night!! (come on.. it was just 90 minutes from the time we started to sleep)'


'I have counted for 500 sheeps (what?? 500 for 90 minutes??), but still I couldn't sleep!!'

*what the hell... tragic of the night... I really want to sleep!!!!!*


More tragics.... matter arises from being fun...
1) I have to wake up at 7.30a.m.
2) I have to start working at 9.00a.m.~1.00p.m. - replacing Mr Hin Ee Jeng
3) My class started at 2.00p.m., ended at 7.45p.m....
4) My assignment is yet to be completed. (I am a good student, I always hand in assignments)

I knew it would be a hard day for me...

I have to work that pair of specs to work and study. My eyes just not right to have the lens to be directly put on, and my dark eye bags were really scary. (comment from collegemates who haven't seen my UglyBetty look - u look so different!!)

Next, I seek help from my best friend - caffeine...

Early in the morning, I stuffed myself with a full glass of Nescafe 3-in-1, I could stand for the whole teaching process.

Before class started, I bought a can of Pearl Kacip Fatimah and another can of Ice Latte (which emphasizes 'deliciously Low-Fat'). I finished the Kacip Fatimah in one shot, and enjoyed my Latte slowly - until the class ended.

And hey, I'm alright~~ I didn't fall asleep~~

Thank you caffeine.

Alright, it's 2.44a.m.... They just went to sleep... but.. who bothers... my class will be started at 11a.m. tomorrow...


Heidi said...


My gosh, I almost couldn't recognize you! You're so pretty!!!!!!! :D

How many years has it been since we last saw each other? haha. I miss those days when we would meet up for practices at Pianoforte before a performance. :)

dan-yel said...

Hoho... I still can't forget the moment I saw your braces. Gosh, it took me off my feet! I was shocked, thankfully I managed to restrain my "Gasp"... Ah.. that was the good moment. LOL

Cheryl a.k.a. Shang Hui said...

Heidi : great to meet you again!
Danyel: heard of the story of the Ugly Duckling??

dan-yel said...

Ugly duckling? Why? Ya, heard before. It never turns into a beautiful princess right? So what's ur point? As far as I know, it joined the swans, end of st... oh okie.. I got what you mean, beautiful swan, hahaha!