Sunday, April 5, 2009


This is suppose to be a super long + super angry post.
I was furiously typing the whole incident out when my brother told me that there is a kitten abandoned at our backyard.Spot the kitten. Nehhhh. There. Below there, corner left.

A really really small and noisy and fierce and noisy and cute and noisy kitten.It was lying with its sibling's corpse (which assumed to be starved to death) when my brother found it at our backyard, with maggots crawling over its shivering body. Yucks. Really poor thing. Ooi? Where is the mother???
I was so keen to care for this poor thing until I have forgotten that I was really angry.
(not to say that I have totally forgotten about that incident but at least I could temporarily get it out of my mind)
It's super cute can? It has the most piercing and innocent pair grey-blue eyes I have ever seen on a cat. So alluring and so demanding but really, I don't know what it wants la.
Oh and oh, check out its color. Fine, nothing special about its grayish-brown hai but then my grandma said that it could be a mix-persian. Faster la. Agree with me. Say yes, it's a mix-persian cause really, it looks like one, but not as arrogant as one.

So it was raining and you know what happened to this poor kitten?

Soaked. Like... totally. Top to tail. Tsk tsk tsk. Poor thing.

Hence, I quickly brought it into the bathroom and dried it.
Within a minute, it fall asleep - which is really rare. Just look at its size compared to my palm.
You know what? For the very first time, I feel like I don't want a baby anymore. This kitten keep on crying and it refuses to eat. It cries and cries and cries and cries, for hours whenever it is not sleeping. Well, at least babies do play and do smile and do eat right? This kitty is just different. It just cries. I am wondering why won't it feel tired. I really don't know what it wants la. Those experienced ones suggested that it might be scared and it needs its mother but really, what can I do to comfort it?
I tried to pat its back, it cried even louder.
I tried to feed it milk (with my hammie's bottle), it refused to eat, and continued crying.
I tried to rub its stomache to stimulate its bowel movement (I didn't know that kitten doesn't know shitting), but still, no poops are discovered, and continued crying again.

How nice if I could just read its mind. Now I can only pray for this poor lil' cutie.

Just. Please. Don't die. And please. Eat.... Live on....


Da Devil said...

well...try to feed the kitty abit by pour some few drops of milk on ur palm,see he lick it or not...poor kitty

Cheryl a.k.a. Shang Hui said...

[Da Devil] no.. it doesn't eat....

Anonymous said...

i knw y lohh...u bully him bahh...tat y he non stop cry...haha...

Cheryl a.k.a. Shang Hui said...

[shang leng] no lor... baybee ma....