Sunday, April 12, 2009

It's raining (raining) oh baby it's raining

And I didn't bring an ella-ella-ella eh.
And currently I don't have a baby.
So I shouldn't be singing this song.

Okla speaking of this I finally could figure out something positive about my ex.
He used to run to get the car which was about half a km away from our college while it was raining.
Anyway, it suddenly came across my mind because I so felt like eating Tiramisu after class but then it was raining and I didn't bring an umbrealla and I was wearing white hence I didn't wanna run to the parking area.

It dampened my mood and urge of eating that piece of blissful tiramisu plus that Oreo milkshake
(which is a good thing = less calories + no need to waste money) and I ended up making mushroom soup (which is less blissful) at home instead (with cheese and eggs. Still high cals then muhahahahaha).

But but but. No fear.
Ngek ngek ngek.
Bonanza Promotion at Sushi King!!!
Woo lala!!!!
April here we go!!!!

Btw, lesson of the day:
to bring an umbrealla along - I only have two days of classes left anyway.

duh. what a fragmented and boring post.
Weather. Food. Then food. Then weather again.
I guess I have lost the creativity to write.
duh duh duh.

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