Sunday, April 12, 2009


Pronounciation of Strawberry in Hong Kong style.
Really don't get why they pronounce it in that way.
File = Fy - Low
Cast = Ca - see
Proposal = Poh - Pou - Sou
Social = Sou -Shou

Why am I talking about this?
This entry should be solely about see-doh-beh-lei aka Strawberry la.

So it's been ages since the last time I ate strawberry -
to the extent that I have forgotten how a strawberry taste like.

So one fine morning, my grandma bought me a box of strawberry - and guess what?
I can't help but to think that I'm eating my body butter when I'm chewing the strawberry.
I love that scent of that body butter but I really never thought that the real strawberry tasted exactly like that.
*On a side note, I guess guys don't like this scent because my ex told me that it is too strong and it almost have it suffocated (yea yea yea I memang had that intention to kill him by putting this strawberry body butter by then and there won't be so problematic now if I ever made a successful attempt) and my ex-crush thought that I smoked a strawberry flavoured ciggy. =.=
Yealar now I only put it before sleeping for my own pleasure since guys often complain about that.*

Yealar, mint is more problematic when it comes to this kind of confusion.

So I baked some meringue kisses for my sis, thinking that the first batch was too sweet,
I added some mint to give it a tinge of freshness.
Sadly, she said my kisses tasted like toothpaste.

So I made a cup of hot chocolate for my lil' bro, thinking that pure chocolate was too boring,
I added few drops of mint essence.
Again, he wondered why I added toothpaste with chocolate, n asked if it's really edible.

So I made a cup of peppermint tea for my ex, thinking that it's not the same ol' boring one and thought that he would like it.
Haih, he said that he felt as if he was drinking toothpaste.

The worse is one which happened last night. My friend Nat took a sip of lemon+lime juice and said that it tasted like toilet - she is using some floor cleaner with lemon extract.


What la. Terrible confusion we have now.
Guess you guys have the same feeling too.
Food should not be treated like that la.
Food is food. Cleaner is cleaner. Toothpaste is toothpaste.

Btw, I officially announce strawberry as my favourite fruit~!!
(and strawberry body butter as my most preferred lotion)


april said...

you put ur s.d.b.l together with ur body thingy ah~ got wash mou..later kena poison!!

Cheryl a.k.a. Shang Hui said...

got la... memang have to wash one.
sdbl... LOL.

aLiya said...

i can buy strawberry as souvenir for you when im back from OZ! hooooo!

btw, dip se doh be lei with CHOCOLATE, i can tell you, it's heaven!!(according to many ppl although i haven try)