Saturday, June 19, 2010

Family week

Pre-script: Leng my sister urged me to update as fast as I could because the picture of the taxi lou polluted my blog.
The problem is I've been having problems uploading pictures.
It takes me 2 days to finish up this post. Much patience needed indeed.

You don't have to know me very well to know that I have been having along distance relationship with my family members.

I can't remember how many times I have said so,
but I'm gonna say it again.

More than a decade ago, my dad was given better opportunity to in expanding his career, with the condition of him being transferred to the other side of Malaysia, Sabah.
I guess it must been a difficult decision for him as he is very much of a family man.

So, he left, bringing along mom and the youngest brother.

*now, imagine a pair of old couple,
together with 2 girls, whose eyes filled with tears,
and an expressionless boy, standing at the gateway,
waving to a car, of which a pair of couple and a super blured small boy were seated in*

*editor's note: sorry la to make you imagine.
but I have not pictures with me.
It's too bland to have a post with only words.
It is still a post without pictures, but please couple it with your own imagination.*

Departure. How sad.

So, my sister had been very close to my sai sai lou,
she was seven years old by then,
and spent every day crying because she missed my brother too much.

Thus, in the end, she went to Sabah as well.
(imagine a pair of old couple,
now with 1 girl, whose eyes also filled with tears,
again with an expressionless boy, standing at the gateway,
waving to a car, of which another tearful girl was seated in)

Thing remained unchanged until my brother started to be rebellious.
We all had been through that, don't we?
Grandpa and grandma thought that they were not capable of leading him to the right path,
hence he was sent to the East as well.

I am thus left alone here.
Cham or not you said?
I used to cry secretly whenever they left after they came back for their term break.
How pathetic la you said.

End of boring story.

Now, let me tell you the greatest news I have ever gotten -

My sister is coming back - for good!!!

And we live happily ever after.


The story cannot be that short la!!!!


She brought along her dog. Carpy.Looks so old padahal he's only 8 months old. Yeap. A he.
Any she out there?

And we live happily ever after.


Sorry, my alter ego was interrupting me.

I shall keep the sisters' story for later.
So... for the time being, please stick to the 'live happily ever after' ending.

Let's get into business.
As titled, the family week!
(whoa how creative is this title, totally impressive)

You know, I'm the happiest girl when it comes to term break~!
Term break would mean reunion with family members!!
If you spend too much of your time with someone,
you would get bored with it and you don't appreciate the moments with them anymore BUT!
This absolutely doesn't apply to me la I'm having a LDR with my family as mentioned so I'm totally love spending time with them!!

Wokay, so let's start with first outing.
5 of us were going with my sister for her registration.

(imagine 5 of us stepping out of the car, slow-mo, with wind blowing,
stepping into the college's entrance, heading to the registration counter)

Such a magnificent view.
I can't help but to laugh at my sister la,
she will be a college student and yet the whole family is going with her for the registration.

Those staff were quite unefficient but I shall not get into details because I know that should stop ranting that much, otherwise I really will stay single for life.

Then arr, we went shopping,
shopping is exciting,
but then nothing extraordinary happened in the mall.

Look alike, kan kan kan???

Look alike, kan kan kan?


The next day, we went to the mall again,
and nothing special happened as well.

But then I think that there are a lot to be told from this picture.
Padahal, we had got nothing to do when we waited for the member card to be processed.

Not bad right?
Looks like some snapshot from a stage play right?

Dad didn't intend to be in the picture in the first place. He just needed somewhere to rest.
K. 1 more. Sai sai lou joined in.Kaka cau cau punya flowers.
I moved it down, and ended up like this:

*poser kao*

I even felt that we could have our family portrait taken here.

More pictures when parents were choosing watches.

My brother is currently very into the card tricks.He has been bringing his decks whenever he goes.
Not easy I tell you. When I tried it, all the cards fall off and I ended up picking up the cards in the mall.

Leng girl wanted a picture too but she didn't know how to pose so my sai sai lou suggested her to pose this way.
Ape ni??

Tucking all the Aces into the skirt... hahahahhahahahahhahahahhahha...
very cool meh like that?
That's my skirt btw.

Nah. This is more like it.

The one on the right is mua. (I'm like saying, my mom is a woman)
I was like... Yerr the background so nice I want a picture too.
But uncreative as I have always been, I could only smile.
My signature mah. =DDDDDDDDDDD

And then it was grandma's birthday on the next day.Actually the cake was a last minute thingy.
I totally forgotten to buy one because I woke at 10 minutes before the lunch - thanks to that England match on the previous day lah. Eeesh I sacrificed my beauty sleep for a boring match.
Anyway that's not the point.
My point is, we walked to Tong Kee to buy a black sesame cake, which was unexpectedly tasty eh. I thought Tong Kee is only good at making egg tarts and mooncakes.

And hahahahahahahaha look at mama's way of making a wish. Buddhism in her =).

When I stopped taking picture because I was preparing to serve the cakes,
my grandma said, eh you don't wanna take my pictures anymore arr?

Walao since when my mama becomes so vain.
Must be us who jabbed in the great influence.
Or it is simply something in us.

Then again, my aunt coincidentally bought us another black sesame cake from RT Pastry, which is much better than the one at Tong Kee's because the middle layer was made of custard instead of whipped cream.
RT Pastry, noted~ =D

Why am I dragging something irrelevant in?

Back to the birthday lunch.

Papa's expression is priceless la but Chung Shang Hui where did you focus aisay.It was a quick one anyway so can't really blame her that much la. She is thus forgiven.

As for the makanans...From top: Sotong made with secret receipe (best!), crabmeat taufu, veggie (yes very obvious), steamed snowfish (is that so?), braised sinew, black pepper ostrich meat.
Pictures are all taken by Leng girl because I was too lazy to do so. Thankewwwww~

And look at this whose family portrait is this?
Boy don't we look very kelefe in this picture?
But nevermind la we could still be recognised anyway at least I won't be mistaken as my sis la.

Sai sai lou and mami will be going back to the East tomorrow.
Pathetically speaking, I have so used to departures, and I will not be crying anymore.
Immunised to it, not quite a good thing.

Good thing is that,
my sister will not be leaving this time lalalalalalalalalaa.

And we will live happily ever after.
(with Carpy which is the only creature on earth that dare to enter my room without gaining my permission)

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hooijor~ i totally agree wif 15 mui~
the taxi lou makes me long time dare not to click into ur blog, i dun wan hurt my eyes looking at him, even 0.5 sec...hahaa..

tis post is much much much much more better~!
15 mui stage play photo is nice~
15 sai lou's photo of playing cards is nice~
ur mama's smiling face so nice~
15 dad & 15 mum punya photos is nice~
food photo is nice~
family portrait is nice~
everything soooo nice~

juz let me forget tat geli face...