Monday, July 5, 2010

Perth: General

Backed from Perth.

Like. Finally.

Don't get me wrong.
I sounded as though I had been suffering in Perth but that's not the truth.

I kinda like Perth.
The greens and the traffic flow.
Big field could be comfortably spotted anywhere.
Yes in Malaysia we could see lines of trees along the highway but that's the different thing la.

As for the traffic issue, unlike in Malaysia, pedestrians are prioritised.
Zebra crossing is fully utilised.
Even when zebra crossing is not in existence, the drivers would still give ways to the pedestrians.
Plus, no much of horrific honking horns and terrible traffic jams.
People are trained to be more patient I guess.
Or maybe the density of the area is not as high as that of KL.

And you know what??
the fine for not buckling safety belt is 500 dollars per head!!!
Per head tau???
Erm.... *guilty conscience* it's for our own benefit anyway.....

K more good things in Perth.


You must understand it's Chung Shang Hui who's writing here,
she is someone which could be easily bribed by good food.
(=.= sounds like Chung Shang Hui is some food loving pet)

Even their cheapo fast food like the pre-packed rice are oolalaly tasty.
Oh and their BBQ sets which are nicely facilitised in the park, is truly awesome!!!! (say me ulu but I really have not seen something like that before!)
Okay anyway this post is not solely about food,
so I shall leave it to another post.

Right right right, back to the track please.

How ya??
A lot of Malaysians are dying to migrate to Australia,
but I still prefer Malaysia over Perth.
See, I am destined to be patriotic la as I am born on the Malaysia's National Day instead of Perth's.
Or maybe I am just not used to it - I've been rooted in Malaysia for decades and perhaps I am afraid of stepping out of the comfort zone
Or perhaps I haven't seen Perth enough yet - I have only been there for one week anyway.

Come, let me tell you why I would choose Malaysia over Perth (eler as if I am given a choice).

1) Weather
I think the air-condition in my room is the least used appliances at home.
I never turn it on for two reasons:
I) the bimboness in me reminds me that it would make my skin dry.
II) I genuinely think that the coolness produced by the ceiling fan is more than sufficient.

So you see, I am someone who likes it warm.
My head almost exploded during my visit to Korea in one of its winter.
The whole journey was about taking pills, sleeping in the heated bus and vomiting.

Thankfully it is not that cold in Perth.
Otherwise history would have to repeat again.
It's only 0 degree celcius for the minimum.
Yes la I know the word 'only' makes me sound like I am showing off I am not afraid of coldness dadada but it is really much better if compared to Korea eh.
At least it is not snowing.

So you see arr, I dislike it being cold,
so in Perth whenever I have the chance, I opt for the sun.
I have set the UV ray issues aside for the time being and you know how harmful is UV to our skin???
Aisay at that time I really couldn't care much la.
When I am in Malaysia, I try to stay under the shade as much as I could and so the harm of the UV ray to the skin would have been reduced.

Secondly, I will bring up my most frequently mentioned issue.
I shall proudly say that I have put on 3kgs in 1 week time.


Who else can be as efficient as I am???
No one ma.

K let me tell you why.

So you see yea I believe in the myth that I could keep myself warm by eating more (plus the foods are really good so I erm... can't resist the temptation!).
So whenever I feel cold, I munch on something.
Well, it's winter, of course I would feel cold most of the time,
I bring a pack of chips around me so that I could keep myself warm.
Apparently it doesn't work la - Despite the amount of chips I had taken I was still freezing.

Myth busted!!!
It was the layers of clothes which keep me warm, nothing to do with the food at all.

Ah! Speaking of this...

You see, when it's cold, you have to wrap yourselves with layers of clothes, right?
Then, when you wrap yourselves with layers of clothes, you would automatically look not so slim, right?


That's the problem.

I thought I look sensibly fat because of the clothes,
well, I look fat - but it doesn't mean that I am fat.
(please carefully analyse this statement carefully)

Nah nah nah, due to this dangerous thought,
I kinda lose control on my diet because I think that I ought to look fat in those thickies,
not realising that I look fat because I am really fat.

Erm... do you get what I mean???

Nevermind if you don't get it - I still have the 3rd point.

I did not shed a single sweat during my one week stay in Perth - despite that I was jogging under the 12pm sun.

How can this be?

Yes yes of course it can be because it happened.

I could literally feel that my metabolism rate was terrible there in Perth.

Conclusion, I put on weight, because it was cold!

That's why I love Malaysia, although I'm still fat in Malaysia la.

There is this song by the local band which goes like, '让我用马来西亚的天气来说爱你~'
*direct translation: let me use Malaysia's weather to say that I love you*
Awww can you feel the warmth in there?
Crazy love for Malaysia's weather =DDDDD

*let me tell one the good thing about staying in somewhere cold.
we girls don't have to worry about body hair exposure anymore.
At least for me, I wouldn't wear a sleeveless shirt or a skirt without tights when it was few degree celcius.
it's cool to not have to remove hairs for a week =)
Guys, please be grateful that you are carrying the XX gonosomes*

2)Working hours
Good for you if you are one of the happy employees in Perth.
Apparently I am not.

All shops closed at 5pm.
Plus, some of the shops are proud to say that they open 7 days a week.

How to tahan la like that??
Yes Thursday is amazing because they are so kindly open the shop until 9pm but it's only one day out of the whole week!!

This is perhaps the biggest culture shock I've experienced in Perth.

Oh, speaking of so, I wanna talk about my weight issues again.

So instead of hanging around like what I'm usually doing in KL,
we stay home to watch Hong Kong soup dramas.
When we were watching, we munched on something - because we believed that it kept us warm.
Lying on the bed while munching on chips (which are REALLY good) does not burn as much calories as walking in the mall - that's pretty obvious man.

So YES, that's why I'm fat now!!!!

Sigh I used to proudly say that I am not fat, I am just not that skinny but now I guess I have to take this statement back for the time being la =(((

Okay I think I'm done with this zabalang post.

I shall write more tomorrow~

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