Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Perth: As a tourist (2)

So Spain won. =(

Yes I support Netherland.

First, orange is a bright and hopeful color.
Second, orange is nearest to red on the palette - My England has long gone so I have to support something which is near to it.
Third, I hope that Paul made a wrong prediction.


I guess everyone is well rested??

Yes me too!!

I got to catch a good tight 6-hour sleep =D

Okay since everyone is well rested, now you may start browsing through my blog.

Let's continue on with day 3~

We went to the Margaret River, 3 hours drive from the city.
3 hours, it seems too short for me - in the slumberland, time always fly.

Hello, this is us in the Margaret River information centre.K basically there is nothing special about this picture,
but since my brother was so eager in taking pictures and he went like 'jie look at this place it shall be nice for picturessss!!'
my sis and I might as well grant him the wish la.

Margaret River Hotel!!
(as if you guys can't see)
Dad was like we are at Margaret River so we have to take pictures with the hotel!Erm I don't quite get it - yes we were at Margaret River but why must we take pictures with its hotel?
Not that we stay there though.
Aisay since my dad was so eager in taking pictures like my brother so my sis and my bro and I might as well grant him the wish la.

First stop - the chocolate factory!!
Speaking of color coordination, check out my dad's shirt and shoes with the background!
*Oranje =(*
Oh and my boot and hair color with the signboard!

The factory through the glass.

Leng girl placed both of her palm against the glass window, looked at the spinning wheel, with much hope in her eyes, went on to say,
Jie I wish I could put my mouth under the pipe!!
(by that she meant the one beside the spinning wheel)

While she was still looking at the machine, I slowly turned my head and looked at her, with this image running in my head:
All of the sudden, it became very bright.
Leng girl went into the room.
She hopped towards the machine with a wide smile on her face, in slow motion.
She put her head under the pipe where the chocolate flows from.
Chocolate sauce filled her mouth and overflowed and gone all over her face.
Then she started struggling.


Guilty guilty.
Chocolate is such a heavenly creations how can I have such disgusting image about it?
Charlie's fault. Hmph.

The girl posing with chocolate bars after she has done cleaning off the chocolate sauce spilled all over the face.
And this guy wanted a picture of himself studying the chocolate bar with full concentration.We had our lunch at the factory.
=D They joined my force - having sweet stuff as proper meal.
We had gelato flavoured in rum n' raisin and mango plus this cheesecake and a cup of latte for lunch.And then they went =p (this is not a naughty =p expression) and crazed for salty stuff.
Pearl chicken spotted!
Picture as reference because my dad wanted these as our pet for our new house.
Just kidding.


Alright, next stop.

Hmm... According to the orders of my pictures, we went to this place.
Lots and lots of olive oil and jam tasting.

Yes you are allowed to taste all of them but you will not be able to do it.
After you taste the third flavour of the jam, you will started to be like this =S
Think raspberry, strawberry, blueberry, apricot, lemon and you will get what I mean.

Right. Next!!!
Okay this is like if you change our faces with that Iphone application it wouldn't be any awkward at all because we look freaking alike here!!

Weird when I look at Leng girl I don't feel like looking at the mirror but then when I look at our pictures I really think that we look creepily alike. She is a mini me ma.....

When we went into the shop, this shop owner came attend to us.

She just turned a mother a month ago~ sweet~
And the baby was sleeping peacefully under the polka dots blanket...I almost cry looking at that scene.
Yes I may look very ambitious and very strong and very macho yadda yadda but deep down inside I memang look forward to have my own children.
At the age of 23, I am telling myself, if I am not able to find a husband in a decade, I will go for artificial insemination. Well I might change my thought buy that's my plan for now.

Anyway, let's back to Margaret River shall we?

This shop is a place to die for - with a wide variations of nuts and the smell... whoa... it's killing me!!
Initially, I was visiting this cottage-like shop with my dad because the other two beautiful people had dozed off in the car but this place was too good I knew I had to wake Leng girl up!
She would like it!!!

Yoghurt coated raisin + honey wasabi macadamia managed to win our heart in the end.


Hmm it says dairy co. on the map if I remember it correctly.

This time we didn't have any pictures with the signboard, but with the entrance.
Hahahahahha look at this lame pose again.

We got some yogurt as seen in the picture.

I was near to tears when I saw those rich creamy dairy products...
(chee seen. feel touched for food.)

We didn't buy any cheese though, despite we got to taste them for free.Then it was 4pm and we knew that we had to go back to the city for dinner already.
We didn't get to go to Augusta anyway.
Tidak cukup masa... Apa nak buat haiz.....

So bye Margaret River.

=( a lil' disappointed.
Didn't get to see kangaroo.
My brother said 'it's like rats in Malaysia'.
=( bluff one.
So April, I didn't get to catch you a living one.

Right, I shall end this post with things we got from Margaret River.Not much. Because it's expensive if converted.
Hmm we are thrifty in our fashion =)

Right. Till then.
Shall write more tomorrow~

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i like the photo of margaret river~!

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