Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Nth accident

I can consider myself as quite experienced when it comes to road accident.

I had an accident today.

Well, I could still be here typing, that would mean that I'm perfectly alright lah.

Eh it could be that i have dead and my soul is backed to type out some unfulfilled wish because I couldn't speak and even I could people could not hear me nor could they see me and my blog would be the perfect platform to voice out my last wishes.

What on earth is wrong with this girl who had just curse herself?



I'm not dead.

My car didn't even get a single scratch.

So it happened this way.

I wanted to turn left.
The motorcyclist on my left wanted to go straight.
So when I turned left,
bang he hit onto my car.
He fell he injured I'm alright.

The end.

Yes many of you would want to ask,

'did you put on the signal light?'

Yes of course I did. I swear upon my own life.

The first thing the Indian Public bank manager asked me when he saw me getting out of the car was that,

'did you see properly or not???!!!!!'

Well, I'm not an easy person when it wasn't entirely my fault.

I returned,

'you were the one who did not see properly.
I did put on signal can't you see it?
it's not entirely my fault ok?'

I realised that I speak English in better fluency in the middle of angst.
*well you could see that the font used in my conversation is much smaller than that of his because mine was longer as seen and I didn't have such a big lung to shout everything out in one breath*

Then he hushed me, telling me that he was in pain.

He made me felt like I were a big-mouthed-woman.
Nay those kind of irrational bitch who went on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on.

Of course I did not go on after that.

Knowing that my car was blocking others, I suggested to park my car at the roadside.
I even said,

'I won't run away.
I just don't want to block the traffic.'

Of course I wish to go away - not to avoid the responsibility.
10 minutes left before I started working - I couldn't afford to be late.
It is not fair for the student if I start the class late - although they may be very happy lar. I'm a student too so I can understand.


While I was in the car I thought,

'it could be my fault'

Well, he scratched his palm.
I could see that he was in severe pain.
His motorbike's windscreen was crashed.

It really seemed to be my fault.
Really, in that case, I have no idea whose fault is that.

I took out my IC - yes you know that I silently admitted the fault,
and asked him to copy it.
He did so with his trembling injured hand - not that I didn't wanna help him,
I have copied everything into his notebook and he seemed to be not too satisfied with it and he copied the exact thing again.
T.T and he written my name in red - pantang lah for Chinese T.T

I took out my phone number,
and asked him to give me a missed call.

I kept on saying 'I'm very sorry about it' jeeez where was the flame?
It seemed like it had been dampened by his blood.

Within 10 minutes, things were settled.
We even chattered up when he took down my personal details - that was when I got to know that he's a bank officer.

I was on time for work.


Things could be easily settled - that is because I know that I could afford paying the compensation.
Don't get me wrong people, I am not that kind of super wealthy princess who thinks that money could solve any matter.
I just got my pay cheque so I know that the amount could somehow cover his loss.

Nevertheless, what if I am another poor girl who could barely cover her meals and daily expenses?
What if I see money more important than everything else?

I would have fought with him.
I would have insisted that it wasn't entirely my fault - I did put on the signal light.
I would have scolded him a blind man because he ignored my signal light.
I would have elaborated the importance of the signal light and teased him to have deserved the injury for ignoring it.
I would have said a lot of mean stuff.

I would have.

But I did not.

That is - only if I have the extra money to buy the harmony.
I feel grateful, because I really could buy the peaceful moment.
He is physically harm, it is cruel to cause any more harm on him emotionally.

Money certainly can't solve everything,
but there are somethings which can't be solved without money.

Thank you God.


Anonymous said...

First time commenting on your blog. Couldn't resist commenting about traffic accident though, cause I found that most of Malaysian drivers and motorcyclist does not deserve to be on the road. So hear me out.

How far were you from the junction before switching on the signal light? Remember the "undang-undang"? Logically, you are suppose to switch the signal light on approx. 5 second or at least 200m before approaching the junction. That would give ample time or space for the vehicles behind you to take notice and action. Enough of "undang-undang".

You are also a law student and you should be able to defend yourself tooth and nails. How could you then defend your client in the future without giving a good fight? How ironic? So, don't always blame yourself.

Nevertheless, please don't get me wrong. I mean no harm and never intended to belittle you.

I know you have a kind heart and would rather blame yourself, while seeing the guy suffer in pain, then to debate on who is right or wrong. You get my applaud for that.

Anyway, nice reading your blog and keep updating more often. Perhaps I may pass more comments in the future, unless its not welcome.

Cheryl a.k.a. Shang Hui said...

[anonymous] no prob your comment is very much appreciated =D
I'm so touched okay it's the longest comment I've ever had!!

erm to be honest i don't remember the 5 second rule *shame*.
I'd prefer solving problems in peace if given a choice.

I would really have to admit that arguing is not my forte, hence it is highly likely that I would get myself involved in the less challenging paperwork, ie, conveyance and wills + probates...

Anyway thank ewwww!!!

zimui.united said...

Oh, i wouldn't knew u met an accident if i didn't read ur blog. No matter whose fault is it, thank god that it didnt cause any severe accident.
Treasure life and drive safely and extra careful in the future.

Yim Fui