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Perth: As a tourist (1)

This so called tourist's post would be plastered with all those lame and conventional tourists' poses.
Good for you and I if you agree that those poses are lame - they are meant to be so in the first place!

First stop - Swan Riverside
Hmm this one, not quite lame.
Both of my siblings are beautiful people and they are manage to pull these poses off.
Just imagine them in wedding gowns and suits and everything.

The green glass cyclinder at the background is what they call the Bell tower - also known as the Swan Bells - I guess that's because it's by the Swan River side but my dad told me that it is due to the uncanny resemblance between the tower and a swan.

Come come, I will show you how it is like a swan.

*ngiak ngiak ngiak crows fly by. obviously the Bell Tower in this picture looks nowhere like a swan*

Yes la I know I'm lousy la this picture is taken from the wrong angle.
Okay okay, Let me show you a proper one.
Nah.Courtesy of Jim T on Panoramio

The brown *insert professional architectual term* resemble the wings of the swan while the green glass cylinder is its neck.

Wokay I'm done with Swan River for now - there are more beautiful pictures but I will have to save it for another post.

Let's go to the city~!

When I saw this building, I can't help but to exclaim that Wah it looks like the one from Bukit Tinggi!!
Nah the leng lou in green and white jacket standing beside the traffic light is my dad.

Nah the two pretty girls standing beside him are his daugthers.
I mean, a real Bukit Tinggi style building, not a mocked one.
Erm I don't mean to say that those at Bukit Tinggi are the mocked ones as it is just one of the design, like, if I'm using contemporary tropical theme for my house I can't possibly say that you are mocking me if you are using the same theme also right?
Well you get what I mean.

Nah nah nah try spotting the similarities between these two pictures and the one above.
3 same people in the picture? Yes congratulations you are right yay but there are more.
Nay notice that girl in knitted gray shirt and skirt?
She was striking the same pose in all the pictures.
Turn head and smile with legs opened widely.
Ceh might as well take one picture then photoshopped it into different backgrounds.

And wow would you just look at this!!Beautiful right??
Of course!
This is taken in Malaysia. Bukit Tinggi.

We toured around the city for one whole day and had home cooked dinner so basically there is nothing much to talk about.
Remember? This is a tourism post.

Let's proceed to day 2~

We made a visit to...
Curtin University.

Hahahahahhahahah who on earth would make a trip to a local university?
Imagine those angmohs touring our UM UPM UiTM etc.

Curtin is no doubt a very beautiful place la.
Seriously I've always wanted a study place with big fields nice environment etc like, you could study or get a sun bath on the field.
Okay by all means laugh at me. I know we stay in Malaysia.
Sun bath? hahahahhhahahahhaha.
Too bad la my college is just a pathetic 6-floored building.

Curtin is beyond the imagination of my ideal campus.
Tall trees!!!Okay la just say me ulu I've never expected to see trees that tall in a university!!!

T.T Chung Xiang Xi I am a bit envious of you leh.
Erm not only a bit... I am quite envious of you leh.
(wooi don't judge my dad if any of you are doing it now.
My dad is the best dad in the world.
It's not that I'm not given the opportunity to study abroad but... who's gonna send my grandma to grocery store if I'm gone to somewhere else too?)

Okay I'm done with the university now.

We were hungry by the time we done touring around Curtin u!!!
And we already had a fabulous plan in mind ngek ngek ngek.
We are gonna try out the so called best voted fish and chips in the town.

On the way...

We saw John Curtin.
CXX with the university founder.
Nah this is the lame pose I mean.
Tourists love mocking the statues don't they?
And they love responding to whatver the statues are doing too right?This is what I mean.

Dai Sai Lou asked me to look for the dive gears in here but then I was too lazy to do so.
I'm not a very enthusiastic diver and I don't think it's necessary to buy my own gear.Anyway Leng girl thought that she ought to be the spokeperson of this shop because she dressed like one and two spoilers unconsciously went into the picture and had my sis's dream destroyed.


A church.Yoohoo fellow Christians out there don't you wish you have a castle-like church?
Or you are actually grateful for whatever given by God?
Erm I'm not being sarcastic.
I'm asking because I'm not a Christian.
Buddhist like I would be grateful for what I have but of course I always seek for improvement.

Anyway my dad took this picture mainly because he wanted to use it as a reference for the design of our new house.
He thought that the usage of sand bricks matches his contemporary tropical theme.

Just kidding.
It is the most beautiful church I had ever seen before so I had to have a picture with it.
That's all. Not as reference whatsoever.

Then again, I would really love to use sand bricks for my house but my dad said that there are no nice sand bricks in Malaysia.

Hahahahahaha look at this series of pictures!
So I as a tourist was posing in front of the post office (haha imagine angmoh posing in front of PosMalaysia)...
..when my brother was asking for the camera...Look at my lasting dainty smile!!! Man it's not affected by the surrounding circumstances at all!!
Sorry lah cannot help... True Shang Hui fashion.

Random street.Nothing much but it's quaint so I have to share with you.

Walking on the street nonchalantly.Ok this is a very important picture because as observed, Leng girl doesn't usually have the camera in hand.
Even when she has one in hand, it would be that she is taking a picture of herself, not of others.
Like this.And this.
And this and this.

And this... is not her.
Anyway you get the idea.

T.T I am cold and hungry can I have my lunch already???
Yes yes let's go to the harbour.
Few minutes driving distance only.
Har we still have to go to somewhere else for lunch can't we just have it somewhere near?

No unless you don't want to try the best voted fish n' chips.

=( wokay then.

There we are in front of the restaurant which serve the best voted fish n' chips.

Wow this pose is classical. Typical tourist's pose.Thumbs up! Kaili's cafe.

On that fine windy day, when everyone else was staying indoor, my family member insisted to sit outside because 'got feel'.
And it's definitely colder.

Then my siblings kept on commenting that those served at Fish & Co. taste better.
Well perhaps it suits Malaysians more. It's subjective anyway.

Whoa check it out a uber macho guy is leaning there with a can of lemonade in his hand.
Yes it would be more appropriate if it is a can of beer but let's just not be too picky.
Looking at the future with hope... Hmm....

Look no further. He could see his future through the camera lens already.

After lunch...

The Wesley Fremantle Church I've mentioned above remained the most beautiful church I had ever seen until I saw this...
The unknown church.

Come, I'll bring you to something good.

This is what the guard told us when we asked for permission to visit the church.

We went in and saw this.Then the guard asked us to turn around and we saw......
*cue Phantom of the Opera opening*


Yes I've seen a pipe organ in Pirates of the Carribean but not a real one!!

Wait wait.
I think I have seen one in the Petronas Philharmonic Hall.


But it's different! That was a hall.
This is installed in a church.
So it's still wow-able.

Then we went to some other universities.=.= acting cool at people's university. Wa okay boh?

And had home cooked dinner again =)

2 days for now.

I guess that you feel tired looking at so many pictures right?
Yoh I'm so considerate I will have to stop here.
Meanwhile, do catch a great niap for tonight's WC final match.
I mean, you and me.

And I realise one thing,
Asian can never be satisfied with sightseeing.
We die die must take pictures with those things which we think are nice.
When would Asian learn to appreaciate the beauty of something silently, without having in the back of mind the thought of taking pictures for the purpose of remembrance or in some worse case, for the purpose of showing off?
Erm erm erm I am guilty of that too (of remembrance!! not of showing off!)
So I can't really give you an answer.

Shall write again on some other days.

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