Wednesday, October 14, 2009


(The title is based on MTV Movie Awards.
No Nominees.
All of them are winners)
Best Movie
Failure of a cheap slut luring a guy

Goodness. The title tells the whole story.
But hold.
You haven't known the storyline yet.
You don't know how cheap is the slut.
You don't know how does she fail.
You don't know the climax of the whole drama.
You don't know anything yet.
So stay tune.

Best Female Performance

Christine or Christie something.

Best Male Performance
Mr. Draggie
Yeap. Identity not to be revealed.

Breakthrough Performance (female)

April Lim
She has been a bitch for an hour.
I mean... April Lim?? How could you relate her to a bitch??
Contrary to the popular belief, she is not bitchy AT ALL.
You can't equate her to a bitch just because she is hawt.
But in the last hour, she is the real bitch.
A self-declared bitch for merely an hour.

Breakthrough Performance (male)
Mr. Innocent
Well. Nothing much to break.
But there are only 5 people starring this movie, which, only 2 of them are guys.
Since Mr. O is the best actor, Mr.V shall crown this.

Best Director.
We can't decide. There is no director in this drama.
Well, who need a director when the actors and actresses are so good?

Best Comedic Performance
The whole drama is a comedy.
Perhaps, a tragic.

Best Cinematography
Cheryl Chung
She has nothing better to do. Really.

Best Villain
April la who else.
She was the only one with malicious thoughts.

Best Kiss
There is only one kiss in that drama.
So April got bored of playing that game and got out of the car and pecked Mr. Draggie on his lips and said 'I see you in a while'
It was an accident according to April.
Well, obviously, the kiss could not be an accident.
She said she wanted to kiss him on the cheek but accidentally kissed him on the lips.

Best Fight
I imagine me slapping that girl because she is too draggy.
What a waste of time.
Anyway, this actually doesn't count because in reality, I didn't slap her.
That was just my imagination.

Best WTF Moment

When Christine or Christie or whatever she is kept on sitting on the bonnet of Mr. O's car's and refused to do anything.
This was her sulking while poor innocent Mr. Innocent was trying to convince her to enter the car.

The whole drama started with this drama queen, Christine/Christie. Literally.
So when Mr. Draggie and Mr. Innocent came to join us at our table,
this drama queen followed as well.
She cheered with the guys and membottom-upkan her glass of Carlsberg.
When she finished, she covered her mouth, showing sign of discomfort.
Being ignored for about 30 seconds or so, Mr. Draggie held her shoulder, and made her sit.
Mr. Draggie then said he was going to the toilet, and Christine demanded to follow.

*Moments later*

Venue changed. Currently was at the lift waiting area.
Me the audience and April the soon-to-be bitch got bored with the Library,
and went out, thought of going to somewhere else,
they then saw both Christine's hands were laid on Mr. Draggie's shoulder,
with Mr. Draggie's arms around her waist.

Funny thing being, Mr. Draggie looked at us, showed a sign that he needed help.
And we ignored.

Don't yawn yet. Climax soon.

We then went to the toilet.
(ok that's not the point)

We then met up with Mr. Draggie, who said that he had passed Christine to his friend, Mr. Innocent.
April and Mr. Draggie then decided to do something to get rid of Christine.
April then acted drunk (classic...) and Mr. Draggie hugged April on her waist, acted to bring her to the car (duh).
They then *purposely* went to look for Mr. Innocent, with the intention to show Christine that 'wei you have got no chance already'.

The evil partner-in-crime. Christine/Christine was at the other side of the wall, while Mr. Innocent was comforting him.

After some hoohas and discussion, somehow, Christine wanted to follow Mr. Draggie home.


So all of us went to our car.
Since April was drunk, she sat at Mr.Draggie's front passenger seat, and Christine got very beh song about it.
She refused to get into the car... WTF.
So the poor me, who was sitting in my own car, just waited impatiently while watching the whole drama going on.
I didn't know how the discussion went on.
This is Mr. Draggie trying to carry April into the car while Miss Christie/Christine behsongly looking at them.

I could see Mr. Draggie brought Christine's bag out of the car and passed it to her and she refused to take it.
I could see Mr. Draggie and Mr. Innocent took turn to hold Christine's hand, wanted to bring her into the car but she refused to move her heavy butt from the bonnet.


15 minutes or 20 minutes or God knows how many minutes later,
April got out of the car, and kissed Mr. Draggie's on the lips,
said 'I'll see you in a while',
and got into my car,
and then we drove off.

The drama still go on but the audience as well as the cameraman has left.


*the end*

Behind the scene:
Christine slept nakedly at Mr Draggie's house but Mr Draggie just didn't give a fuck (woo clever pun I have here)
Christine poured Coke on Mr Draggie's arm when she saw Mr O hugging another girl in the club.
Christine insisted Mr Draggie to bring her to the doctor when she was sick.
Mr Draggie saw Christine when he opened his bedroom door (creepy!)
Mr Draggie's keys were lost after Christine visited his house.

What a cheap slut.
Why la wanna make yourselves so cheap?
You are young,
you are not ugly,
you will have plenty of chances.

Why do you wanna scratch your own face just to make someone to shag you?
I wish I won't have such a daughter in the future.


april said...

thanks for the 'lovely' award~

do i need to give speech??ok, a short one.

first of all...erm...*butterfyl in stomach*

thx my fans
thx my friends
thx my parents
thx my crush
thx my ex-bfs
thx my lecturer
thx my ...

i need to thank cheryl for giving me e oppurtunity to act in this drama by ajak-ing me to the 'scene' and her kesabaran of watching and capturing the best moment of me and my hero/partners in crime..

..gosh..time x permit me to speak more...

lastly..not forgettin the slut heroin christy/christine?whatever.. to allow me to kissed her 'dream' guy.

(rushin tone)
and thank u cheryl, again for the oppurtunity given...

and i love the imaginary part of the drama~ way to go.

this drama is totally self-directed. everyone = director.


Joanne Kat said...

omg what drama is this?? LMAO