Monday, October 5, 2009

Sunday morning, we were running

So Jia Liang's personal message sounds like this : RM25 for self-tortured...
Kai Zhen's more aggressive : Dead... Permaisuri killed me...

After months of not seeing each other's face,
the first event for meeting up was this charity run at Taman Tasik Pemaisuri.Chosen it because it's at Cheras.

Well... it's ironic.

During high school,
we were trying to skip that merentas desa event.
*couldn't find those high school merentas desa pictures. T.T. Gone. T.T*
we paid to run.
Alright. There's no way you can give explanation of you being charitable.
You spent time.
You spent money.
You spent energy.
You basically gain no benefit from it.Oh no. You got unlimited Vico.

But people.
I do believe in Karma.

Erm. I don't regard getting a Crocs keychain as part of the Karma.

Anyway. A lil' too much of swaying from the main topic.

Backed to the run.

Basically I'm quite used to run at Pemaisuri.
Afterall it's the park which is nearest to my house.
Plus we girls chosen to go for the 4km trail... so... Yea.... shouldn't be any problem for us.
The guys opted 8kms instead.
Well. It's quite sapsui as compared to other charity run I guess.


The Acer goodie bags and the certificates which would be given in the end of the event had failed to tempt us.
We agreed for dimsum in unison.



And more goodness.

And the end of goodness.Having heavy meal after exercising is a big fat NONO for me.
That become least important if I were to exchange it with happiness obtained from friendship. *And food*

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