Wednesday, March 24, 2010

3 PaD - Equation, Dessert buffet, Japanese lady

I've got 3 stories to tell.
I wouldn't have realised that my life is so colorful if not for this Photo-a-Day project.

I know it's limited to only 1 photo a day.
I really cannot decide which one - all of them worth the bandwidth equally,
so I am gonna write them all down.
Well you may say that I have distorted the original purpose of the photo-a-day project,
which is to choose the nicest pictures of the day,
but I feel that it's perfectly alright to pose pictures which represent my life.

1) Nonsensical Equation
Yes I cheated - there are 2 pictures in there where I compiled them into one.
A Poppy Rhinestone XL Shoulder bag for RM20?
Confirm get from Petaling Street wan la........ since you are studying there....

Don't judge me by my look.
I may not look very elegant but I wouldn't act to be one either.
I would rather buy brandless stuff than to buy a fake branded stuff.
My equation meant more than what you have thought it to be.

The first heart = Urge from the bottom of my heart
The second heart could be interpreted into two things:
a) a filthy rich sweetie boyfriend who loves me from the bottom of his heart
b) notes which are earned by my heart -
If I put more effort into working, I would be able to fund for the bag.

Why come up with this equation??

April and I actually find that the formula on my bottle is very inspiring.We decided to come out with our own equation.

Monkey loves bananas,
we love Coach totes,
hence the result of the equation shall be totes.

This is April's.


2) High on sugar
(I cheated. There are 6 pictures here)
It is the T-time buffet at Cititel which cost us RM25 nett per pax.

Looks quite tempting yea?

I told you so, I would be indulging myself into killing sweetie stuff hence I had healthy salad for dinner last night.

Sad to say, the food aren't as nice as how I have thought it to be - I only stayed for one hour.
Guess this is the shortest buffet I've ever had in my life.

Me and April then turned to Sushi King, to have some salty stuff just to neutralise the uncomfortableness cause by the sweetness.

Meanwhile, 2 people came to ask us,
'你是my fm超级万人迷吗?'
(Are you miss/mr. popular from my FM?)
我是万人迷,但是我不是来自my fm的'
(I am miss popular, but I'm not from my FM)

So you think that I answered in that way?
Apparently you do not know me well.
April and I merely gave them 2 humble shakes of head.

When April and I were hanging around, my friend Sam from Johor Bahru called me.
A long story to tell.
Let's proceed to the third story.

3) The lady from the East
So my friend, Sam, who is from JB, is currently hosting a Japanese lady.
She came to KL for a tour, unfortunately, she lost her wallet.
She was suppose to go back to JB tonight.

Sam called me, asked for a favour.
He asked me to go to the Pudu bus station, where the Japanese lady was at,
and to take care of her while Sam would be driving from JB to pick the lady up.
Well, she is a foreigner, she has no cash with her at all,
it's perfectly sensible for me to go over and give her a hand.

So I did.

I found her according to Sam's description - it's not difficult to find a 170cm-japanese-look-brown-hair-spectacled-lady anyway,
despite that I was at Pudu bus station.
She looked at me in shocked when I showed her the A4 paper with her name written on it,
then started to blab about the experience of her being robbed when she got to know that I am Sam's friend.

Knowing that she has no cash, I brought her to Jalan Alor for dinner.
She had chosen Thai food
(which is one of my favourite damn it - which means I would want to eat them damn it again)
Yes no doubt she was the one who had chosen it but I was the one who ordered the food -
eler I know what is good for us anyway.
We had our dinner, and I introduced her my usual activity - mall hopping.

We hopped from Sungei Wang to Times Square and then backed to Sungei Wang again for some good 2 hours,
before Sam was here.

Fortunately, I met an English teacher.
So we could be able to communicate with English.
She is quite amazed with our fetish for Japanese culture when I showed her Daiso the 100 yen shop, the Japanese food fair which is held coincidentally at Times Square and the conveyor-belted Sushi restaurant.

Hmm... we then met with Sam at 10pm +,
who drove all the way from JB,
and had to drive back to JB on the same night.

Not all smokers with tattoos are bad.
At least he is a good one.