Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I have been seeing these two same faces for 16 hours in the past 48 hours.

How exciting could my life be?

It all started off with me asking them to be my companions to get my IC.

It's not free of charge to get these two jantans to be my companions.
I have to treat them dimsum *partially* alright?

I thought it would be long as I have wasted 3 hours waiting for processing my IC.When '2 is better than 1' is to be interpreted wrongly.

I was wrong - it only took me 20 minutes to obtain my IC though.

BTW, this is JL shaking with my phone.

We then went for desserts at Ice Room at Shamelin Perkasa.Dummies' Guide to be a Good Servant Rule #1: Never show your buttock to the customers

Here. 2 disgusting pictures for ya. Apparently those tongues do not belong to me.
Bubur Chacha (RM8.90 if I'm not mistaken) and Tropical Fruit something (RM9.90 confirmed)..

..which subsequently turned into yoghurt....

My Black and White Sesame (RM7.90) =)=)=)
By the way I have tried all the non-fruity ones.
I find the I like the Black knight (basically it's just the pure black sesame with some pink sago) most but it's more expensive than this Black and White sesame by RM2.
Green Tea with cornflakes and red bean is another good choice too. The combination is weird but it matches with each other quite well.
Lalala I don't have to go all the way to SS15 Subang Jaya just for the Snowflakes since currently I found better desserts in Cheras. =)=)=)

One thing, I've never failed to show my clumsiness.Actually it wasn't entirely my fault - the ice kinda like melted and it fall and then yeap that was how RM2 gone.

After that they went to my house.

And oh by the way, I'm quite glad that Jia Liang still remember the song I have once taught him.

That was when Toby Chiang given chance to hack into my Facebook account, and update the status on behalf of me.

Thank you Toby. As if the world doesn't know that I love food.
They are not blind - they can judge it from my excellent body figure alright?
(the abovementioned statement is meant to be sarcastic - in case if you have not realised yet

They then went home for dinner.
In the middle of the night, they asked me out again because they have got nothing better to do and they miss me too much and they just can't help it.
( again, if you have not realised, I am attempting to incorporate some of the hopes into the reality - it makes me feel like I'm not abandoned and I'm not alone)
Anyway, they decided to go gaming after that and I had to follow - well, I had good time playing Plants vs Zombies anyway. They had to leave before I could reach level 3 T.T

K. That's the end of it.

The next day is not that compact if compared to the previous.

Basically we just went for lunch at Aunty Mei's, and went for movie.

Since the movie would be starting only in 2 hours time, we went to MPH.
Those were the only moment of which me and Jia Liang could get some peace in mind.
Si Toby Chiang just couldn't stop mentioning girls - stalking would be a more appropriate word.
He would just pick random girls on the street and started to talk about it - like how most of the guys did.
Well, I am perfectly alright with it - but I do need a break occasionally. Not only I do need that, even the other guy Jia Liang needs it too. Grr.

Anyway, back to the movies after spending 2 hours in MPH.

I've never thought that Alice in Wonderland such a hot movie until I went to the cinema again today and saw the full house notice.
It was quite easy to buy the tickets yesterday and we got some rather comfortable seats too - as in, not the first 7 rows, etc.
This time Yen Yee went with us!!

Tim Burton, Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter - the perfect combination.
Alice in Wonderland aside, there are Sweeney Todd, Corpse Bride, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - these movies cannot be more fantastic.
I have never failed to obtain the greatest visual satisfaction from all these movies.

Too bad - the guys do not seem to like it that much.

K. Then that's the end of it - after spending another 30 minutes in the traffic jam.

Back to college life~


Mei Yi said...


jia liang is stil as 'CUTE' as those days~


Cheryl a.k.a. Shang Hui said...

[Mei Yi] he will always be 'cute' for me~
(try to think of how a mother describes a son)