Monday, March 22, 2010

PaD - Administrator of this blog

That is - me.
Don't you think that 'administrator of this blog' sounds more amusing than titling the mere 'me'?
Yes, in the end, they refer to the same thing.

This is one thing I learn from the author of the legal sources,
be it theorists or the legislator,
they just love beating around the bush.
A 30-word-statement could sometimes be summarised into a 5-word-sentence.

Can't they just make life easier?

No, they can't.
They want to make law sounds like a difficult subject so that the law practitioners are able to impress those who are not.

I have strayed too far.
So it's about Photo-a-Day. This is what PaD stands for.
To begin with, I have taken a picture of myself.

Well, it's a portrait lens.
It's perfectly sensible to take a portrait of myself.

The natural sunlight is so soft that it makes everything seems so beautiful - no pun intended, by that I do mean the lightness.

So I have done showering - and I looked into the mirror and I saw myself.
(it would be scary if I don't)
I stared at the girl in there, thought that,
I don't have really sharp features, I may not be stunningly gorgeous,
but I am not ugly, am I?
Why have my self-esteem always been so low?
That's one difficult question to be answered - hence I'm gonna leave it as it is.


Anonymous said...

gal.. you don't look ugly to me.. pretty would be the word .. :D

Xiang Xi said...

Wahaha..since wen u puki urself like I ovez do?chung's blood again..hahaha