Wednesday, March 31, 2010

PaD - Backstreet

Let's brainstorm.

What would you think of when I mention 'backstreet'?

Backstreet boys?
Good. We are of the same generation.
Now the young ones are more into Super Junior. And some other unknown bands.

Be more realistic.
Think backstreet.

Dripping drain water.
Running mouse.
Crawling cockroaches.
Peeing drunkards.
Tattoo-ed gangsters in black singlet with golden necklace. (media influence)
Spiderman kissing Mary Jane in some Kama Sutra pose under the rain. (serious media influence)

Backstreet isn't that dark and negative afterall, is it?

Try to jump out from the media influence,
and set the scene earlier instead.
Make it lunch time.

Have anyone ever related backstreet to food?
No... By that I don't mean the vomited substance nor the leftover food in the trash can.

Food. Edible food. Like this.

Very good.
(hahaha no clear subject matter in this picture at all.)

My college is located at Petaling Street - a very busy street.
Petaling Street ain't that bad afterall - it's not all about fake goods.

After studying about 3 years in Petaling Street,
we have discovered several places with good food,
of which, most of them are located at some unseen backstreet.

Today April and I had lunch at the backstreet again.
The variety of food is surprising wide.
I bet you have never tried claypot pearl noodles (aka low she fun; 老鼠粉) in bak kut teh soup yea?
(I might lose my bet.
So.. there is nothing to bet with)
No pictures.
It looks the same like other normal low she fun,
it just tastes different.

Oh.... and the fish head noodles...
Well, nothing special about this - plainly delicious.
What about the hakka mee? And the zha zhiong mee?
Again, nothing remarkably special with regards to these,
it's just, well, tasty~

Yeap. So as you can see,
Backstreet, is about food.
Studying in Petaling Street is not that bad afterall.

-the end-

I can't help but to share this with you.
It's too cute not to be shared!!
April's bookmark in the shape of a giraffe is analogous to Melman on my beloved bottle.=D cute or not???
(yes la I know some of you are showing faces,
thinking: lame. childish. etc.)

Oh and. Third consecutive week of Sushi.
One good thing about being the boyfriends of April's and mine is that you don't have to crack your head to figure out where to bring us for food.

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