Wednesday, March 31, 2010

201003272030- 201003272130

Guess what?
It's so yesterday.
Ah no. It's two days before yesterday.
It's so outdated.
It's earth hour.

I sorta like participated.

I said 'sorta' because I did not get involved actively.
I usually refuse to use plastic bags and polystyrene lunch box anyway. That helps k.
Plus, I am not sleeping in an air-conned room. That helps too~

At least my friends who participated did something:
- they took LRT to KLCC.
- they turned off the phone in that hour.

I was simply curious.
I just wanted to know how would it be when the towers were put into brightness again.
I knew I wouldn't have the chance to watch how would it be when it was put into darkness - I was having class until 8.30pm...

So I managed to watch - but seriously, it was not as impressive as how I have thought it to be.
The lights were turned on by parts.
(now you know meh?)
Yea now I know. I didn't get to watch it last year leh.

After taking a few pictures of the twin towers,
I felt lazy and I started to take pictures of my friends' instead.Yen Yee who is bb-ing.
I think she was uploading pictures.
When I went home I saw an upskirt picture of mine...
And luckily she hadn't slept yet and managed to remove it on time.
Anyway it's been 3 hours since she uploaded it so...
People who have seen it,
please don't feel offended.
We did not did it on purpose.


Yen Ying and Hwai Li


I think that these two pictures are beautiful~ =D
Credits to Hwai Li who managed to adjust the camera in a brilliant way.Meanwhile, bags were playing the role of a tripod.

Last but not least, obligatory jumping pose.
Can't we come out with some other more creative poses??

Then it took us about 45 minutes to go back to Cheras.
Credits to my sufficient knowledge on using the correct (by that I mean free from congestion) route...
(the italic word was trying to express my sarcasm, in case you did not realise)

We went to Ice Room, one of my favourite hangout spots.

Yen Yee. Who was still bb-ing.

Hwai Li

I was eating the dessert so carefully I didn't waste any of them this time.

Hmm nothing really special happened in Ice Room, except that their sponge cake had misrepresented itself as Tiramisu.
Tagging a sponge cake as a Tiramisu doesn't make that sponge cake a Tiramisu, k?
(Yen Ying is one of the many customers who fall into this misrepresentation)

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