Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Meet my new roommate

Greenie. (I wish to rename him. But then the name was gifted by it's original owner)

Poor thing. He is basically abandoned by my sai sai lou. (to be pronounced in Cantonese. Read: Little brother)

My sai sai lou doesn't have the intention to abandon him anyway.

He bursted into tears when he got to know that he couldn't bring it over to Sabah.
He held the iguana with both his palms, and just let his tears drop onto its body (as if it's dead)

Okay I made the whole thing up.

Yes he memang doesn't intend to abandon him.

He had taken into account that it would be left alone when the family are away from KK. It would definitely starved to death I tell you because it needs 3 meals per day. You can't put piles of vegetables for it like what I did for the hamsters because vegetables, unlike kuacis, would rot.

So in the end, it is left with me and become my roommate.

Well initially, the aquarium was placed in the living room.
I moved it into my room because I spend most of my time in the room so I can let it out when I'm in the room and also I won't forget to feed him by looking at him.

So what I did today is to set up a nice habitat for this thing named Greenie (yucks dull name).

I don't have green fingers and I basically hate gardening because I am a scoleciphobic, i.e., I have fear of worms. Haha do I sound very intelligent by typing that bombastic word? I just got to know it few seconds ago anyway, I googled it.

Back to the fear of worms. The soft fleshy type is the most disgusting creature in the world, be it the legless type (earthworm) or the one with uncountable pairs of legs (caterpillars yucks yucks yucksssss). It followed by the hard-shelled worms, i.e., the meal worms, my sai sai lou's tarantulas' food. By the way the meal worms eat the same thing as I do - oats. (yucks yucks yucks oats now remind me of meal worms yuckssssss)

p/s: I wanted to put the pictures of the worms and I went image-googled it. I cannot stand even looking at the thumbnails of the worms' pictures. It gives me 3 consecutive goosebumps. So sorry. No pictures. You guys go google it on your own. Keywords - earthworm/ caterpillars/ meal worms. Yuckiness to the maxiness.

Deng why have I strayed so far?
I thought I was talking about gardening!

Oh yea, so today, I moved the soil into the aquarium because I wanted to create a mini green house in the aquarium. Putting in foliage into an aquarium is fun! (like playing Zoo Tycoon) I'm so loving I want Greenie to feel home. Au naturale k??
(I didn't realise that there is an ant nest in the soil until I troweled the soil in. So basically now I have 132 roommates instead of 1. Yay I am not lonely anymore~ -_______- i sound like a geek)

Well, the truth is, I am too lazy to clean its poo. The aquarium was initially layered with newspaper. I have to change the newspaper weekly and seriously, it is really troublesome (yea). Hence I tried to come out with some solution so that I do not have to change the paper - alas, create a mini garden. Plus, the poo could be natural fertilizer. Whoa, is Chung Shang Hui brilliant or what?????

I also sprinkled few soy beans and red beans into the soil. It's joyful to witness growth~I give you 50 cents if you are able to spot the red bean~

BTW I hurt my finger while setting up its habitat. Bloody but not painful.
Apparently Greenie doesn't really appreciate the new habitat la.
See he prefer sleeping at that very small area rather than the habitat I have whole-heartedly set up for him.
Sigh when every girl in the world is looking for fluffy mammals, I have a cold reptile as my roommate.
My mei mei's roommate. See how cute and adorable if compared to that Greenie. (sorry Greenie it hurts but it's the truth) Also a creature abandoned by its owner. It was given to the owner by his husband, but something happened between them, hence the owner flew back to Taiwan and left the dog with my family. (the spouse used to be our tenant)

Chung Xiang Zhi if I remain single for life because guys think that I am a weirdo due to the fact that I sleep with a reptile, you will have to pay for my maintenance fee.


MY said...


itz sounds scary to have 132 unseen roomates...

by the way, a character in 《cupid stupid》oso name Greeny, but different spelling lah...

yerrr...ur description of worms make me feel geli oso...

Cheryl a.k.a. Shang Hui said...

[MY] unseen... supernatural... yerrrrr......

mello said...

AWWWW :D :D How cute is Greenie!!! :D :D :D

dreamydolls said...

hahaha........ i use to have a iguana too~ lolx..but urs damn cute la.. lolx.. how much do u charge for the maintainace FEE.. lolx~ cant tahan laughing