Monday, March 1, 2010


I *kinda* understand smokers now.

After living in this world for 22 years,
I finally realise that I am actually a food addict.

So I had my proper dinner. Mmm. Kinda satisfied.
Then, I walked out of the living room, and my sight laid on those CNY cookies which are stored in those transparent containers with the red covers.
See, since it is on the coffee table, basically it is meant for the guests, not for me.

Next, the struggle started.
I ought to have some dessert, whispered one side.
No, I am full. I couldn't take anything anymore, countered the other.

Guess who won?

*Well, needless to say, I took up the container with my left hand,
opened the cover with my right one,
and gracefully put the cover onto the coffee table,
then... dived my hand into the container,
took one of the London cookies,
and put it into my mouth.*

Ultimate satisfaction.

No. I was lying.
I failed to achieve the so called ultimate satisfaction.
My greed and desire overshadowed my rationality and determination to lose weight.

I eyed on the other container, which contained of pineapple tarts.
*repeat the part with asterisks.*

Am I satisfied yet?

Well, you have guessed it.

My sight then locked onto the one with almond biscotti.
I put down the container with the pineapple tarts,
and *repeat the part with asterisks*

I just cannot help it.
Well I know that I can't equate sugar to nicotine,
but basically the withdrawal symptoms are similar.

Seriously, I need to be put into some rehabilitation centre,
until I get rid of my addiction to sugary stuff.


Bryan Hoo said...

notty brother! haha

Cheryl a.k.a. Shang Hui said...

[Bryan Hoo] aisay say wrong comment!!
next post boy~