Tuesday, March 23, 2010

PaD - being healthy for once

People who know me well would know that I am a sucker for sugary stuff.

I can predict that I will be consuming large amount of sweeties tomorrow.

Hence, to make myself feel better, I prepared this.
Healthiest dinner I've ever had.
Green and purple lettuce,
shredded beetroots,
shredded green and yellow capsicums,
cherry vine tomatoes,
fresh basil leaves (I am lucky - my grandma planted them!),
mixed with balsamic dressing, olive oil, lemon juice and apple cider vinegar.


I can immediately feel the boosting of the anti-oxygen agents.

See, some of you may ask,
Why are you so fat when you are eating these as dinner?

(and some of you might think,
no you are not fat!!!!
For this group of people, kindly ignore this question)

As titled,
I am just being healthy for once.

It is not quite possible for me to lead a complete healthy lifestyle.
Let me tell you why.

Men usually die faster then women.
If I am too healthy, which means I would live longer.
If I live longer, which means I have to be a widow longer because as I said,
men die faster than women,
especially when men nowadays are not health-conscious.
(Ciggy, drinks, midnight football matches, etc.)

There is actually a solution to this matter:
get married to a younger guy,
so that both of us could die at approximately the same time.

But you see, I'm born with mature face.
I even think that I'm too mature for those who are same age as I am.
It is not quite possible for me to get married to someone younger than me.

I cannot be too healthy so that I will die faster.

So some of you may ask again,
what makes you think that you would get married when you don't even have a boyfriend now?

Right, I can't tell.

K. That's all for today.
Enough of crapping.
Tsk tsk tsk such a waste of bandwidth.

(it's only day 2 and I already have difficulty looking for subject matter)

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